As summer comes to an end and university students start another year of school, many are seeking internships, and James Martin Associates offers a robust program for those interested in enriching lives through beautiful landscapes.

For 30 of the last 40 years, JMA has provided landscape opportunities for students of horticulture, landscape architecture, forestry, agricultural management, landscape management, and construction management.

These opportunities include hands-on work as rotating crew members in the residential maintenance, commercial maintenance, construction, and irrigation departments. Some interns also work directly with the landscape design team. Many enjoy the chance to work outdoors and to create a unique environment for each client’s property.

JMA also offers office internships in marketing, HR, and finance, demonstrating the fact that the landscape industry offers a variety of positions for candidates in different fields.

At the end of their internship, exceptional students are offered scholarships or even a position as an Operations Associate at JMA upon their graduation.

“James Martin Associates has allowed me to experience many different aspects of the industry,” Bolas said. He initially started as a design build foreman and then managed the design build department. In preparation for his general management role, JMA supported furthering his education through an MBA. He now manages the commercial maintenance and snow departments.

“Recently I have even been given the opportunity to become Manager of the recently acquired Schwake Stone. JMA has helped me grow tremendously in my career,” Bolas said.

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