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6 Seasonal Flower Display Ideas You Can Incorporate to Enhance Your Chicagoland Commercial Property

You want your commercial property to stand out from the competing crowd of office buildings, warehouses, and storefronts that encompass the Greater Chicagoland area. But how do you enhance your property so it shines instead of blending into the surrounding sameness?  

Look no further than the beauty, texture, and pops of color that seasonal flowers can bring!

Beyond just functionality, a well-designed landscape can elevate a visitor's overall experience at your property. Let’s look at where to incorporate seasonal flowers throughout your landscape and some suggestions for eye-catching displays all year long. 

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Seasonal Flower Ideas for Commercial Landscapes: Plant Near Entrances & Signage

First impressions at your Chicagoland commercial property matter. Investing time and resources into a welcoming entrance is a smart investment, as entrances to businesses are typically the most visible location on your property. 

Seasonal flowers planted at the entrance of your business or near signage not only draw people’s eyes as they pass by but also help to direct them where they need to go and increase brand recognition. The colorful blooms of tulips in the spring or chrysanthemums in the fall attract attention and show that you pay close attention to detail and invest in caring for your property. 

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Outdoor Seasonal Flower Ideas: Consider Planting Around Patio Seating Areas

Many commercial buildings and their surrounding landscapes tend to look like a concrete jungle. While seasonal flowers are beautiful, installing them just anywhere on your property can spend your landscape budget quickly.

Carefully select areas that visitors frequent, like patio or seating areas. Even if the rest of your property provides little visual appeal, investing in seasonal flowers at your customer’s favorite bench or your small concrete patio where diners can enjoy a burger enhances the client experience. 

Commercial landscape seasonal flower displays should cater to more than just your clients. Do you have a patio seating area for employees to get outside and take a break? Including seasonal flowers around the patio or even on the patio itself in containers helps to boost the aesthetic appeal and encourage your team to use and enjoy the patio. It can provide a comfortable place to take a break and recharge.

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Commercial Landscape Seasonal Flower Displays: Don’t Forget Container Gardens

Looking to get the most bang for your landscape buck? Container gardens, or large planters that hold seasonal displays, can brighten any commercial landscape. Try adding them at high-traffic areas, like near the entrance and exit doors or walkways. 

Container gardens can also be used to help direct foot traffic. Have an area that you don’t want visitors walking on? Install a few container gardens to act as a barrier. 

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Seasonal Flower Ideas for Commercial Landscapes: Flower Displays to Consider Year-Round

When you think of commercial seasonal flower displays, you likely envision bright blooms in the summer months. 

While spring and summer annual flowers are a beautiful addition to your landscape, a small investment in seasonal container gardens or flowers in the gray fall and winter months can have a big impact on the exterior of your business. Let’s look at some outdoor seasonal flower ideas for the entire year. 

Winter Arrangements in Container Gardens

When you think of winter, seasonal flowers are probably not the first thing that pops into your mind. However, using container gardens to create beautiful and festive winter arrangements can add character and interest to your landscape in an otherwise gray, dull season. 

Try using evergreen cuttings, berries, white birch branches, ribbons, and even dried hydrangea blooms to add unique texture.

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Spring & Summer Flower Suggestions

Spring and summer bring the most fun outdoor seasonal flower ideas. There are truly thousands of options, however, it is important to consult with an expert such as the team at James Martin Associates so that you plant the right flower in the right place. Just like perennial plantings, seasonal flowers have requirements of how much sun and water they need. 

Our favorite suggestion for spring are flowering bulbs, like tulips. Selecting flowering bulbs makes your job easy, as they return every year after they are planted. They give a bright pop of color after the snow melts and before flowers on other perennial plantings are in bloom.

For summer annual flowers, we like to suggest low-maintenance, drought-resistant selections. Begonias, Petunias, Impatiens, Sun Patients, and Lantana are all colorful selections that are easy to care for and thrive in the Chicagoland area. 

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Seasonal Flowers in the Fall

Creating unique and creative fall flower displays is much easier than you may think. Fall seasonal plantings bring the best texture of all the seasons! Try using ornamental cabbage, flowering kale, purple fountain grass, and chrysanthemums in your container gardens. 

Some varieties of chrysanthemums are perennials, meaning they return each year. Utilizing these varieties around signage and entrances can make for an easy and colorful transition into fall.


Hiring Commercial Landscaping Services in Chicagoland

By embracing the beauty of seasonal flower displays and incorporating them carefully into your entrance areas, near signage, and around patios, you can create a memorable first impression, foster positive brand associations, and can even attract new customers. 

Whether it is the bright and cheery color of spring tulips, the variety and beauty of summer annuals, or the cozy charm of fall mums, seasonal flower displays offer a powerful impact on the landscape of your commercial business. Choosing to invest in seasonal flowers elevates your outdoor space, but it can be difficult to coordinate and execute on your own.

James Martin Associates is here to help. With over 45 years of commercial landscape design and maintenance experience, our account managers help create a plan for seasonal flowers that not only enhances your property but also respects your budget.


Want to partner with James Martin Associates to bring your commercial property to life with seasonal flower displays? Get started by filling out our contact form.

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Aaron Schlines

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