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Proactive Plant Health Care for Your Commercial Landscape: 4 Things to Consider

Your commercial property’s landscape is not merely about looks, it’s a substantial investment that contributes to the overall value and appeal of your business. 

However, maintaining a thriving landscape can be really challenging, especially with a variety of plant species all requiring different care. Given that your plantings constitute a significant portion of your investment, safeguarding them becomes vital. This is where plant health care services play a crucial role, ensuring that your plantings remain healthy and vibrant, thus protecting your investment.

Let’s look at what exactly plant health care is, how it works, what services it encompasses, and why it is important so you can make informed decisions for the care of your commercial landscape. 

What is Plant Health Care?

Commercial plant health care is a comprehensive approach to maintaining the well-being of plantings within your landscape. It involves a combination of proactive measures, ongoing monitoring, and targeted treatments to help optimize plant health. Rather than reacting to issues as they arise, plant health care professionals take a preventative stance, identifying potential problems before they escalate. 

Plant health care helps your plants to truly thrive and improve year after year. For example, a hydrangea bush that has very few blooms leaves your property looking lackluster. With plant health solutions like proper pruning and fertilization, your hydrangea bush can bounce back look more full, healthy, and produce significantly more blooms.  

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How Does Plant Health Care Protect My Plantings?

One of the primary goals of commercial plant health care is to protect your landscape from threats such as diseases, pests, and environmental stressors. By implementing preventative measures and timely interventions, plant health care professionals can mitigate risks and help your plantings be more resilient. 

For example, if a japanese beetle invade the roses in a landscape bed at your business, they can wreak havoc, leaving large holes in the flowers and leaves of your bush. With regular inspections that typically are included with commercial plant health care packages, these pesky bugs would be noticed and dealt with before your entire property is invaded and plantings are ruined. 

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What Services are Typically Included with Plant Health Care Packages?

Commercial plant health care packages often include a combination of essential services designed to promote the well-being of your landscape. These may include: 

  • Regular Inspections: Plant health care professionals inspect your plantings every time they are at your property. This ensures they notice any changes such as pest infestations or a decline in overall plant health.
  • Pruning and Trimming: Pruning and trimming services typically happen two times during the growing season. Regular pruning helps to maintain plant shape, improve airflow, and remove dead or diseased branches.
  • Dormant Pruning: Dormant pruning is performed in the late fall or winter months. While this may seem an odd time to prune, it can be easier to see branches so professionals know exactly where to cut. This practice encourages growth and helps reduce the risk of disease spread.
  • Plant Fertilization: Nutrient-rich plant fertilizers are applied to replenish the essential nutrients for plant growth. Just like your lawn, your plants need food too. Plant fertilization should be performed one or two times either in the Spring or Fall.
  • Landscape Bed Weeding: While weeding doesn’t always bring to mind plant health care, the removal of weeds helps reduce competition for resources and prevents them from overtaking your landscape.
  • Mulch Installations: Surprisingly, mulch helps to retain moisture and improves soil health. When applied correctly by a professional, it can also suppress weed growth.

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Why Commercial Plant Health Care is Important

Investing in plant health care not only preserves the beauty of your landscape but also yields long-term benefits for your business. Here’s why it is essential: 

  • Cost Savings: Addressing issues proactively through plant health solutions can prevent costly damage and the need for extensive plant replacements.
  • Improved Landscape Appearance: Healthy, well-maintained plantings contribute to a positive first impression for employees and clients, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your commercial property.
  • Time Efficiency: Dealing with the spread of diseases or pest infestations can be time-consuming and disruptive to your already too-long to-do list. Plant health care helps to minimize landscaping issues on your property and helps save valuable time and resources.
  • Expert Opinions: When you hire a professional commercial plant health care team, you now have access to a wealth of knowledge. The plant health care experts at James Martin Associates already know what your plantings need, when to trim, and how to diagnose issues. If you have a question, you already have a knowledgeable team at your disposal. 
  • Enhanced Property Safety: Regular plant health care helps to keep your property safe. Overgrown plantings in parking lots or near entrances are trimmed back and broken or low-hanging limbs that hang over walkways are removed to keep your visitors safe. 

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Choosing Your Commercial Plant Health Care Partner

Selecting the right plant health care team for your property can be challenging, but investing in plant health care is a proactive strategy that pays off in the long run, preserving the beauty and value of your commercial property’s landscape. 

At James Martin Associates, we seek to provide a customized approach to every commercial property we serve. Considering the unique characteristics of your property and plantings, we offer comprehensive commercial landscaping services. With over four decades of experience, our account managers know exactly what it takes to ensure your plantings thrive and continue to make a positive impression for years to come. 


Ready to partner with James Martin Associates to care for the plantings on your commercial property? Get started by filling out our contact form. Our experienced account managers can discuss what your property needs so you can make a wise choice for your commercial landscape. 

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Aaron Schlines

Aaron Schlines

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