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Why is Fertilization Important for My Commercial Property in Chicagoland?

A vibrant landscape doesn’t only look good; it is a reflection of the care and attention you invest into your commercial property. As commercial businesses strive to stand out, landscaping has become a crucial aspect of creating a welcoming atmosphere. 

Are you stuck not knowing even where to start caring for your commercial landscape? Maintaining your lawncan make the biggest impact and a positive first impression. Fertilization plays a pivotal role in achieving and maintaining a beautiful landscape. 

Let’s explore what lawn fertilization does, why commercial lawn fertilization is a crucial landscape maintenance task, and how many fertilization visits your property may need. 

So, what exactly does fertilizer do?

Think of fertilization as food for your lawn. Just as food provides the nutrients your body needs to perform and grow, fertilizer adds the nutrients your grass needs to grow and look healthy. The nutrients your grass requires, especially nitrogen, move through the soil with rain or regular irrigation, meaning you need to replace nitrogen for your grass to be healthy.

Feeding your lawn the right ‘food’ at the right time is important. For example, fertilizer applied in the fall months encourages root growth and helps your grass store much-needed nutrients to make it through the winter. Applying the wrong fertilizer in the fall, like one that encourages top growth can actually harm your grass, making it weak throughout the dormant months.

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Crowd Out Weeds & Disease with Commercial Property Lawn Fertilization

Commercial property weed control can be one of the most frustrating landscaping tasks for any business. Weeds like crabgrass, thistle, and dandelions can seem impossible to control, but surprisingly, fertilization plays a dual role in assisting with weed control. 

Fertilization first helps to strengthen your grass so it can outcompete weeds for water, sunlight, air, and nutrients. A healthy lawn can choke out and ward off weed invasions. 

Commercial lawn fertilization also contains pre-emergent herbicides, which attack weed seeds, preventing them from germinating in the first place. Pre-emergent herbicides are the first and most important line of defense when trying to control weeds like crabgrass. 

When applied at the proper time and with the correct amount, fertilization, along with proper mowing techniques, aeration, and regular watering, can also help protect your lawn from disease. 

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Boost Curb Appeal with Commercial Lawn Fertilization

Fertilization is also important because it helps to improve the appearance of your grass. First impressions matter, especially when it comes to commercial properties. Your landscape, and specifically your lawn, creates an immediate impression on both clients and potential employees. 

A brown, patchy, or weed-filled lawn is likely the first thing visitors notice, and it makes your property look neglected. The nutrients provided by fertilizers contribute to the overall health of your landscape, making your lawn more green, lush, and thick. 

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Help Your Grass Stay Healthy

Healthy grass is about more than just appearances. Well-cared-for turf can help reduce run-off by absorbing rainwater, prevent erosion, and even improve air quality. According to the National Association of Landscape Professionals, just one 5,000-square-foot grass lawn can produce enough oxygen daily to support 14 to 34 people! 

Since commercial property lawn fertilization is the key to maintaining optimum grass health, you should select an experienced professional to fertilize your turf. Over-fertilization can harm your grass, even causing burned areas and disease. Applying too much fertilizer or the wrong type at the wrong time can make your grass weaker instead of stronger, allowing weeds to move in as well. 

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How Many Commercial Lawn Fertilization Applications Does My Property Need?

At James Martin Associates, we recommend three fertilization visits each season for our commercial clients:

  1. The first application is made during the Spring. It gets your lawn off to a great start by providing the nutrients it needs to ‘wake up’ for the season and prevent weeds from taking hold.
  2. The second application is made during the growing season and helps your grass to remain strong during the hot summer months.
  3. The third and final application, and the most important, is made during the early Fall in Chicagoland. When the weather cools, the top growth of your grass slows, and the plant puts all of its energy into growing roots. This final feeding helps your grass to recuperate from the stress of the summer months, store nutrients for the winter, and get ready for growth again in the Spring. 

Choosing a Commercial Lawn Fertilization Partner

With hundreds of lawn care companies in the Chicagoland area, it is best to select a landscaping team that offers full-service landscape maintenance. When one company handles all the landscape maintenance tasks at a commercial property they are fully accountable and responsible for the entire landscape, not just one piece. 

While commercial property lawn fertilization is a vital part of a healthy lawn, proper mowing, watering, and aeration are necessary to get optimal results from fertilization applications. It is also important to remember that while fertilization can make an enormous impact on the health and appearance of your grass, it will take time for improvement to show. 

By partnering with a professional commercial lawn fertilization company, you can ensure that your commercial property receives the care it deserves, making a lasting impression on visitors and making your job a whole lot easier. 


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Vince Callahan

Vince Callahan

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