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Outdoor Kitchen Installation: 4 Things to Consider When Hiring a Professional

Picture this: your friends and family are gathered outside on a beautiful warm summer day and as you gaze around the yard everyone is smiling, chatting, and laughing. 

You join in on the conversation while chopping up vegetables on the large countertop of your outdoor kitchen and throw a platter of burgers onto the piping hot grill. 

You pull an ice-cold beer out of your outdoor refrigerator and crack it open as you flip your sizzling burgers. You are the master of the grill.

But hold the spatula!

Before you whip out your grill master apron, you need to partner with the perfect outdoor kitchen contractor. Let’s explore 4 things to consider when hiring a professional for outdoor kitchen installation, so you can quit dreaming and get cooking!

1. What Experience Does Your Outdoor Kitchen Installation Company Have?

When it comes to transforming your backyard into a culinary oasis, experience speaks volumes. As you scout for the perfect outdoor kitchen installation contractor, it’s crucial delve into their background and experience. 

You want your investment to be worth it and for your kitchen to last a lifetime. 

You also want your property to be safe, and many kitchens have electrical and gas lines run to them in order to operate. 

Ensuring you have hired an expert helps to protect your friends and family and your investment. 

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Questions to Ask about Experience with Outdoor Kitchen Installation:

2. What Goes Into Outdoor Kitchen Installation Costs?

Understanding the factors that contribute to outdoor kitchen installation costs is essential for planning and budgeting for your project effectively. The contractor you select should be open to discussing costs for installation as well as willing to work within and respect the budget you have set. 

There are several things to consider when you set your budget for your outdoor kitchen. Material choices, including the countertop and facade you select, can vary project costs greatly. In addition, decide which appliances are a must-have for your outdoor kitchen. 

If something like a pizza oven is important to you, but out of your budget, discuss breaking your project into phases with your outdoor kitchen installation company. Finally, if you don’t already have a patio area, think about where you will add seating space in the outdoor kitchen area. 

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Questions to Ask about Outdoor Kitchen Installation Costs: 

  • What permits or regulatory compliance costs will be necessary for my project?
  • Can you give detailed pricing of added features so I can easily decide which items I want?
  • Can you give me a large variety of material selections and design options that fit my budget? 

3. How Will Your Outdoor Kitchen Installation Company Incorporate Your Existing Landscape?

When envisioning your outdoor kitchen, it’s essential to consider how the installation company will integrate your existing landscape and space. 

A well-designed outdoor kitchen shouldn’t feel like an isolated addition, but an extension of your existing outdoor living space. 

If you don’t already have a patio or a landscaped backyard, consider discussing adding other features like a patio or firepit, that will help encourage fun outdoors and extend the amount of time you can spend enjoying your new kitchen. 

backyard kitchen with paver patio and raised flower beds

Questions to Ask about Incorporating Your Outdoor Kitchen:

  • Will I get to meet with a designer or landscape architect to help plan my outdoor kitchen?
  • How do you plan to include what is already existing in my backyard?
  • How will the layout and organization of my outdoor kitchen make it more functional and minimize disruption to the existing landscape?

4. What is the Design Process for Outdoor Kitchen Installation?

Every company approaches the design process a little bit differently. Here at James Martin Associates, each outdoor kitchen client will meet with a landscape architect. This project manager will stick with you through the duration of your project, ensuring what you approved in the design truly comes to fruition.

During the design process at James Martin Associates, you will explore potential kitchen locations, discuss how the space will be connected to the existing landscape, consider the preliminary budget, and more. 

After you have covered all of your preferences, your project manager will create two or three design concepts for you to review. Side by side, you will piece together the perfect outdoor kitchen and installation will begin!

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Questions to Ask about the Outdoor Kitchen Installation Design Process: 

  • Do you have a set process for outdoor kitchen design and installation?
  • Who will be my point of contact? Will my point of contact stay with me from design to project completion?
  • Will I receive more than one design concept, and how will I be sure everything I want is incorporated into the design?

Preparing to Hire an Outdoor Kitchen Contractor

As you begin your search for outdoor kitchen installation in Chicagoland, remember that preparation and research are crucial for success.By considering factors like experience and cost, you can lay the foundation for a seamless and satisfying collaboration.

Take the time to research and interview potential outdoor kitchen contractors, ask questions, and communicate your vision and budget clearly. With careful planning and an qualified expert in your corner, you can transform your backyard into the culinary entertainment area of your dreams. Cheers to future good food, great company, and unforgettable memories in your new outdoor kitchen paradise!

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Brian Jordison

Brian Jordison

Brian is a Senior Landscape Designer with James Martin Associates.