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Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services

Comprehensive commercial landscape maintenance that boosts your reputation

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Full-Service Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services Worth Your Investment

There is nothing more frustrating as a property manager than hiring a landscape maintenance contractor that does not deliver. It makes you look bad and leaves you with even more work on your already overflowing to-do list.
You need a comprehensive and proactive approach to landscape management, and you should not be the one who has to make sure it all gets done. With over 45 years of commercial landscape maintenance experience, we know what it takes to keep your space looking inviting and vibrant all year long.
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Your Proactive Commercial Landscape Maintenance Partner

You do not want a one-size-fits-all all maintenance package. At James Martin Associates, each individual commercial property gets a customized full-service property maintenance plan created by our experienced account managers.

Our team focuses on making our commercial landscape maintenance routes dense, with most accounts being within close proximity of each other. This means our crews spend less time traveling between locations and allows our pricing to stay competitive.

Commercial Lawn Maintenance Services

The most fundamental aspect of our commercial landscape maintenance services begins with caring for your turf. With both traditional mowing services and advanced robotic mowing technology, you will have a healthy, well-manicured green lawn that elevates the look of your business.

If you choose robotic mowers as an option, don’t sweat the details - our experienced crews will continue to visit on a weekly basis to perform tasks like edging, pruning, weeding, and line trimming.

Commercial Turf Care Services

In order to have a lush and green lawn, your grass needs fertilization. It helps roots to grow strong, gives your turf the nutrients it needs, and helps to battle weeds from creeping in. A well-fertilized lawn leaves a lasting impact on your customers.

Commercial Plant Health Care Services

Unkempt plantings can leave your property looking overgrown and messy. Our plant health care team takes time to inspect all of your plantings each visit. These inspections help to mitigate disease or pest invasions and protect the investment you have made into your trees, shrubs and plantings. In addition, we performed scheduled pruning and cutbacks in the correct seasons to make sure your trees and shrubs always look their best.

Commercial Irrigation and Water Management Services

Efficient water management solutions are essential for keeping your commercial property beautiful and safe. Improper management of irrigation, drainage, and ponds can end up breaking your budget. Our landscape architects support our account managers to ensure your plantings and turf are getting the water they need throughout the growing season and perform regular inspections to help prevent flooding and monitor drainage solutions.

Commercial Seasonal Property Care Services

Our seasonal maintenance services help keep your property polished and prepared as the seasons change. We recommend seasonal clean-ups in both the Fall and Spring to help your property prepare for and recover from our harsh Chicago winters.

Revitalize your property with our seasonal containers and flower services, adding a touch of nature to your surroundings all year long.

We also offer irrigation start-ups and winterizations, holiday decor services, annual flower displays, bed edging, and mulch installations to help your business look well cared for no matter the season.

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