In recent years, villages in the Chicagoland area like Winnetka, Libertyville, Lincolnshire, Park Ridge, and Lake Forest have developed stricter codes to control flooding throughout their communities.

These codes are aimed at controlling water that enters into the community’s storm water system. The systems can become backed up and cause flooding in basements, on roads, or in backyards. As a consequence, most villages are trying to reduce or control the amount of impermeable surface on a property.

Beginning of Front Walk Construction Project to Manage Flooding

Impermeable areas such as a house, driveway, walkway, or patio cannot absorb water like natural, permeable elements can. Permeable areas include grass, planting and mulch beds, and some specially designed patios that allow water to pass through into the sub-grade. Therefore, homeowners, architects, and landscaping companies must contend with these codes while building new homes or landscapes.

The landscape architects and designers at James Martin Associates (JMA) have gained expertise and knowledge of each individual village’s codes over the past 40 years and incorporate these codes into their designs and installation work.

Front Walk During Installation Work

“We work with communities to prepare a permeable surface calculation, secure the permit, and follow plans approved by a civil engineer,” said Jim Gorsline, Residential Design Build Operations Director at James Martin Associates.

Front Walk Near Completion of Project

Solutions for managing water can be as simple as directing a property’s runoff to a rain garden located on the property where water can be used for plantings that thrive in wet areas.

For more complicated projects located in or near flood plains, storm water detention areas and compensatory storage are often constructed to keep water on the property until the city’s storm water system can gradually accept the water.

Front Walk After One Year

JMA employs these and many other methods to control flooding issues in the Chicagoland area. Contact us to design and install a flood management system for your residence today.