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Hiring a Commercial Landscape Company in Greater Chicagoland: 5 Things to Look For

Let’s be honest. Hiring a commercial landscape maintenance company, especially in Chicagoland is a nightmare. 

There are hundreds of options, all promising they are the best, yet sometimes, you can’t even get a call returned. Seemingly endless research leaves you wondering where to even begin in the search for a landscape maintenance contractor that delivers. 

But as ‘sign a commercial landscape maintenance contract’ falls further down your to-do list, the appearance of your property starts to decline too. 

Let’s look at the top five things you should look for when hiring a commercial landscape maintenance company in Greater Chicago, so you can narrow your search and make a wise choice for your property. 

#1: Make Sure The Commercial Landscape Maintenance Contractor Offers a Wide Range of Services

 Your commercial property likely needs more than just weekly lawn mowing. When you sign a landscape maintenance contract, you want all the outdoor services your property needs to be managed by one point of contact. 

You don’t have the time to call, schedule, and manage several different landscape companies for all of the outdoor maintenance tasks you need to complete. 

When one commercial landscape maintenance company is handling all of the outdoor tasks on your property, it creates a greater sense of ownership for the crews visiting your business each week. 

The team leaders know all of the different areas of service, so any specific spot that needs attention can be tackled all in one visit. That dangling tree branch or bunch of dead flowers don’t have to wait for the next guy to show up. 

You already have enough on your to-do list. A maintenance team that offers all of the services your property needs in one commercial landscape contract leaves you worry-free and with fewer interruptions throughout your week.

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#2: Select a Commercial Landscape Maintenance Team That Offers Year-Round Services

While your landscape in the fall, spring, and summer months makes a visual impact on those visiting or passing by your property, you know that winter in Chicagoland is equally important. 

A safe landscape year-round is likely your first goal when hunting for a landscape maintenance contract, as it should be. 

A commercial maintenance team that offers year-round services is essential to keep your business safe. When a crew visits your property weekly before snow and ice are on the ground, they learn what to consider during the snow season as well. 

Have a low-to-the-ground obstruction near your loading docks you are worried about being taken out with a snow plow? 

Worried about that hidden employee entrance getting the attention it needs with ice melter? 

A commercial landscape maintenance team that visits your property year-round already knows about the obstructions on your property, the spot where perennials are vulnerable to salt damage, and which entrance your employees use the most. 

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Simply put, you will receive a higher level of service with a team that offers year-round landscape maintenance services, including snow and ice management

#3: Ask About Experience with Similar Projects

You don’t have time to waste with inexperienced landscape maintenance teams. 

Not only is work sometimes not completed properly, but lack of experience usually leaves you babysitting your landscape company instead of doing your job.

The commercial landscape contract you sign should ensure you are partnering with experts, who can advise you and take full responsibility for the work to be completed. 

Don’t hesitate to ask for references, visit their portfolio of previous work, or check out their reviews. A commercial landscape maintenance company with the experience you need will be happy to share their references so you can feel confident in your choice.

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#4: Sustainability Matters 

Are you struggling to find money in your budget to hire commercial maintenance services in Greater Chicago? Look for a landscape maintenance contract that makes sustainability a priority. 

Sustainability obviously offers numerous benefits for our environment, but carefully planned, sustainable landscapes are big money savers too. Your landscape partner should utilize multiple strategies that help you protect the environment and your investment. Check out some great sustainable options many industry-leaders are utlilizing:

  • Robotic Lawn Mowers–With zero emissions and almost silent operating systems, robotic lawn mowers keep your lawn looking freshly mowed 24/7.
  • Native Plantings–Since they are familiar with the Chicagoland climate, native plants do not need as much help to grow. They require significantly less fertilization and maintenance.
  • Smart Irrigation–Smart irrigation provides your lawn and plantings with water only when it is needed. This cuts down on water and electric costs as well as waste. 

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#5: Expect Above-Average Communication with Landscape and Snow Professionals

Strong communication with your commercial landscape partner is crucial for a successful partnership. Your landscape maintenance company should be made up of professionals that offer their expertise to maintain and improve your property AND listen to your needs and expectations for your outdoor space. 

Consistent communication with a team that knows what they are doing means that your concerns are addressed quickly and your property doesn’t become stagnant over time. 

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Take time to look around their website when searching for a landscape maintenance contractor. Here are things to look for:

  1. Have they won any awards? If they have, they are the type of team you want in your corner. Award-winning landscape maintenance companies are performing excellent work and are usually up to date on the best practices.
  2. Do they hold any certifications or licenses? Licensed professionals are required to take hours of training and upkeep their licenses at both the state and national level. When you are investing in your landscape, you want the job done the right way the first time.
  3. Do they belong to any associations? Belonging to associations doesn’t always mean a landscape maintenance company will be a good fit, however, it shows that education, training, and professionalism matter.
  4. Is a clear process or next step communicated? A team with great communication likely has a well communicated process. If you don’t see it anywhere online, be sure to ask!
  5. Will the same person handle your account after you sign your landscape maintenance contract? Breakdown in communication begins when you are not really sure who your point of contact is. Ask if you will be assigned an account manager and how often they will be available to meet. 

Choosing a Commercial Landscape Maintenance Partner in Greater Chicago

While securing a commercial landscape maintenance contract is certainly not easy, investing the time looking for the right fit is worth it. A qualified partner can leave you feeling confident about the care and enhancement of your landscape.

As you search for a commercial landscape company in the Chicagoland area, don’t hesitate to ask questions. A worry-free partnership begins with your commercial landscape maintenance partner understanding the unique needs of your property. 

Choosing a commercial maintenance partner is a decision that you only want to have to make once. At James Martin Associates, we would love the opportunity to talk with you about what our commercial maintenance team can offer. In our over 45 years of landscape maintenance experience, we’ve learned a lot, and we are ready to help you elevate your commercial property. 


Want to learn more about how James Martin Associates can meet your commercial landscape contract needs? Get started by filling out our contact form. Our experienced account managers can discuss what your property needs so you can make a wise choice for your commercial landscape. 

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Aaron Schlines

Aaron Schlines

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