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Top Factors to think about when hiring a Commercial Snow Contractor

Hiring a Commercial Snow Contractor

Snow can be a challenge to any business, but James Martin Associates’ extensive years of snow removal experience can help make your next winter stress-free.

Through our 40-year track record of delivering exceptional snow and ice services, we have earned the confidence of the Chicago region’s most demanding property owners, businesses and organizations.

We’ve got you covered before, during and after every snow event so you can relax and concentrate on what you do best — running your business.

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As Winter approaches the task of choosing a Commercial Snow Plow Contract in Illinois becomes a task many companies face. Being a Commercial Snow Plow contractor in Chicago for 40+ years we want to share with you what you should look for in a commercial snow plow contractor and why James Martin Associates should be considered at the top of your list as you hire for your Commercial Snow Plow Contract.

Below we will outline the most important factors to considering when hiring a Commercial Snow Plow Contractor that you should consider and why James Martin Associates should be considered while you’re completing your search.


Communication is the first factor we want to discuss since it’s extremely important you feel in touch with your Commercial Snow Plow Contractor both before, during and after a snowstorm. At James Martin Associates we pride ourselves on our relationships with our clients. Many of our snow clients have been with us on average 10 years. Why is that? Well they have a dedicated snow forecaster who they communicate with going into the snow seasons and then once winter arrives, they’ll be hearing from their forecaster the day of the snow via email communication. The snow command team at James Martin Associates will then e-mail to our clients what time to expect our team and any other relevant storm info. Customers can also reach our snow command team via phone for any other q’s or concerns. 

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Route density

First, let’s consider companies route densities and how spread out their clients are. The more clients Commercial Snow Plow Companies have, the more likely it is they’re spread out which ultimately impacts the customer on snow days due to delays from the snow team getting from site to site. James Martin Associates has structured our route densities so typically within a square mile (if not less) we’ll have 5-10 Commercial Snow Plow clients located in the same commercial business zone.  We do this to ensure that during snow periods we can service as many of our Commercial Snow Removal clients as possible, in the shortest amount of time.

Timing & Quick Service & Response Time

Have you ever considered that Commercial Snow Plow services are one of the most demanding, high touch customer services you employ for your business? What other maintenance services do you expect immediate attention (from your contractor) within moments of snow hitting the ground. No matter how much you adore your snow contractor, if they show up two days after a snowstorm, they’re not much use to you. This is one of the most demanding services customers shop for in terms of hiring a Commercial Snow Plow Contractor who will service you in a timely manner when the snow arrives.

Commercial Snow Removal services is the only SERVICE industry that on a vendor/service provider has to service 100% of clients in a 4-6 hour window with only 2-4 hours’ notice. We pride ourselves on extremely quick response times with all clients receiving email communication from James Martin Associates within one hour of a snow storm starting. You may wonder how we do that? We partner with weather technology companies who alert us a day or two in advance of expected snow weather. Upon learning of an expected storm, our team starts preparing (both the drivers and the fleet) so at a moment’s notice when we get the green light (or the snow starts to fall) we are ready to service our Commercial Snow Removal client’s and get your driveways and parking lots plowed, and your sidewalks shoveled and salted.

Fleet Size & Fleet Proximity to Customers 

Another important thing to consider when hiring a Commercial Snow Plow Contractor is the size and age of their fleet, and the proximity of the fleet to your business. On average 70% of our commercial snow clients are located within 6-8 miles of our Mundelein Fleet location.

We also have built additional fleets close by to other client regions ensuring that if any machinery breaks, we can quickly react, get new equipment to ensure our commercial snow route continues and there are no delays.

In addition to having multiple service locations, we have our own mechanic team who are available 24/7 (think of it as a AAA for JMA’s Commercial Snow Plow Fleet) during snow season to service our fleet. Many smaller companies have to outsource their mechanic work, leaving customers waiting when breakdowns happen. With JMA’s fleet of 100+ trucks, tractors  and plows and  41 seasons of managing Chicago’s snow, we will be prepared for whatever comes our way and our team and fleet will not let you down.

Wide range of Commercial Snow Services scope

With our 41 years of experience in Commercial Snow Services we have perfected the services we offer tailoring them to our various customers including Hospitals, Banks, Office Building,  Retail locations, Corporate Parks, and Manufacturing/Warehouse providing the below services:

  • Snow plowing services
  • Salt treatments
  • Shoveling and de-icing
  • Hauling snow off-site (if needed) for those extreme winters where you see mounds of snow throughout the city but your business needs those vital parking spots for customers or employees.
  • Anything else you may need in regards to managing your snow or salt needs we’d be happy to create a custom quote for your business’s needs.


As you can imagine with snowstorms comes reduced visibility and sometimes no matter how careful teams are, something may get damaged. That is why James Martin Associates has strong insurance partners so if the snow does block a team member’s view and we bump a bush or scratch something, we will repair it and give you the ease knowing that your property is in good hands.

Whoever you choose as your commercial snow plow contractor, request to see their insurance policy proving that both workmen’s comp and liability insurance are included.   Companies can obtain the proper insurance as well as earn a ranking on the Accredited Snow Contractors Association for safe, timely, quality services provided.


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