Commercial Snow Removal Services

Keeping your business operational with deicing, snow plowing and shoveling


Snow can be a challenge to any business, but James Martin Associates’ extensive years of snow removal experience can help make your next winter stress-free.

Through our 40 year track record of delivering exceptional snow and ice services, we have earned the confidence of the Chicago region’s most demanding property owners, businesses and organizations.

We’ve got you covered before, during and after every snow event so you can relax and concentrate on what you do best — running your business.

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24/7 Snow Service

Our 24-hour commercial snow and ice removal trucks and equipment are always within a few miles of your location throughout the North and Northwest Chicago suburbs.

When it comes to snow removal, James Martin Associates is organized, disciplined, proactive and properly equipped to meet the demands of your business and property.

Through rigorous continuous improvement and evaluation of our snow plows, equipment, systems, and communication tools, we are able to deliver exceptionally competitive and affordable commercial snow removal services.

You can depend upon us – worry free – every time. Your business deserves nothing less.

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“My manager wanted me to pass along how much he LOVES you, your service and crew. The two guys who are here on a constant basis during big snows work very hard to get everything up. We are VERY HAPPY with the services from [JMA]. Thank you again.”

Roquette America Inc.

“I’m the Senior Facilities manager for our company Sysmex America Inc. The crews over this past snow weekend performed perfectly with the snow, salting for all our 5 buildings. Their work was a role model to the industry!”

Raymond Alm, Sysmex America, Inc.


High-Level Snow Plowing and Shoveling Efficiency

  • Our industry leading snow shoveling and plowing productivity is the result of testing and analyzing time-efficient and proven snow management techniques, procedures and operations
  • By documenting your site and determining the degree of plowing and shoveling difficulty, we deploy properly sized equipment to ensure maximum efficiency at minimal cost
  • We provide our workers with a detailed map of your property that outlines the scope of work agreed upon in your contract and any other special requests you may have for your property.

Stopping Ice Before It Starts

  • Depending on your site’s specific needs, we can provide ice mitigation services for sidewalks, drives and lots
  • We utilize Granular Magnesium Chloride, Rapid Thaw and Liquid Magnesium Chloride based on the surfaces of your property and your specifications
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With a combination of equipment, communications capabilities, and snow removal professionals, James Martin Associates has a “well-oiled machine” in place to meet your business’s needs. Our team is proud of our track record which includes multiple safety awards over the years and a high satisfaction record

Experienced People You Can Trust

  • Nearly 40 years of snow and ice removal experience
  • Multiple Area Managers supervising snow plow and shovel operators who know your property
  • 24-hour dispatch staff
  • Site inspectors to confirm the quality of our work

Unmatched Snow Plow Equipment and Technology

  • Over 50 pieces of snow removal equipment
  • Specific equipment selected to meet your site’s needs
  • Equipment maintained and ready to deploy fast
  • Storm notifications and updates via email
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Our snow removal approach


James Martin Associates is an industry-leading commercial snow removal and landscape service provider, and our process proves why.

Using route density to our advantage, we can be deployed to your site quickly and efficiently. We also incorporate all of the seasonal changes and other commercial maintenance challenges of the Chicago area into our annual planning so we’re prepared to handle anything that comes our way.

Our unique set of proven processes assures that we are fully informed and prepared to provide the specific snow plowing services your employees, clients, and property require. 

Keep reading to learn more about how our approach sets us apart.

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1. The Meeting and Proposal

We want you to understand exactly what services James Martin Associates proposes to perform so you can make an informed decision. We will:

  • Meet with you on site to identify your needs
  • Measure and document every inch of your property
  • Prepare and present a proposal for your evaluation and acceptance

Some of the key things to consider when preparing to meet with us are:

  • At what accumulation level of snow do you want your site to be serviced?
  • Do you want ice mitigation services for the walks and/or lots on your property?
  • Are there specific locations you would like the snow to be piled?
  • Do the public/city walks need to be cleared around your property?
  • Any other special requests or concerns you may have for your property

Our standard contracts run from October through May and are billed per occurrence. We understand the Chicago climate can be less than predictable and don’t want you to have to pay a bill if no snow occurs that month.

We also offer the option to sign up for our services for 3 years, locking in the price for the second year and helping you to save some money as well as the hassle of finding a new provider every year.

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“Your driver is doing an excellent job. He took extra care and I am very impressed. Thank you for the super job and service.”

Grosse Pointe Subdivision

2. Preparing To Manage Your Property

Once you’ve chosen James Martin Associates, we will prepare our team and procedures in accordance with the parameters of your contract. We will:

  • Train our drivers on safety and performance issues specific to your site
  • Place site-specific notes and aerial images in each driver’s route book
  • Provide you with secured online access to detailed snow season event history

3. Keeping You Informed 

During the period of 12-24 hours before a storm arrives in the Chicago area, we are monitoring reports from multiple sources.

Based upon these reports, we will prepare and send an email to our customers with our “Forecast and Plan” for how we will provide snow and ice management services.

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4. Proactive Forecasting

When the forecast calls for snow, we’ll be driving past your site for a first-hand look. You’ll get an email alert when we’ve made the decision to start plowing your property.

Throughout the storm, Area Managers will check in with your assigned crews to ensure the timely completion of your property’s snow management.

After our drivers have been dispatched and have performed your customized services, we’ll inspect your site to ensure our performance met the quality standards you were promised.

5. Post-Event Communication

Shortly after the winter storm has ended, we’ll send you accumulation totals for your property. If the weather demands it, we will notify you and redeploy our crews overnight to prevent any freezing that may occur from daytime melting or snow drifts.

For your convenience, we’ll have final billing details ready within 48–72 hours.

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“I just want to praise you guys. We appreciate your service and how well our property has been taken care of. Thank you so much for a job well done.”



Here are a few of our commercial snow and ice management customers:

  • Addolorata Villa Assisted Living
  • Honeywell
  • Hotel Indigo
  • Kubota
  • Learning Resources Inc.
  • Mitsubishi
  • Roquette America Inc.
  • Takeda
  • Utilities Inc.
  • Z-F Industries

Contact us today to join the growing list of your neighbors who choose James Martin Associates for snow and ice removal!

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