Plan ahead for your pool landscaping to create a successful and custom outdoor entertaining space for your family. There are a few things to keep in mind when planning out your swimming pool landscaping. Choosing the right hardscape materials, plantings, lighting, and designing the perfect entertaining spaces are just some of the important elements to consider when planning your backyard pool landscaping.

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There are many options when choosing materials for the pool deck or pool area landscaping. Natural stone, brick pavers, wood, and concrete are all common materials to use. A few things to consider when choosing a material for the pavement are making sure it isn’t slick when wet or overly hot in the summer sun and feels nice on bare feet. Safety and comfort can be just as important as style in your swimming pool landscaping. Mixing materials like natural stones and brick can customize the landscaping around pool spaces to match your home’s exterior and give it that extra detail to make it your own space. Wood decking can be a great option when there is a grade change or for a large area. Materials can have all kinds of different textures, so make sure you take that into account when choosing the perfect pool landscaping materials. 

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Plantings can help soften and compliment hardscape areas in backyard pool landscaping. Choosing the right plants can help screen neighbors, create interest and complete your swimming pool landscaping. Evergreen trees can be placed in combination with other layers of plants to screen out unwanted sights, block wind, and make a nice year-round backdrop for entertaining. Some plants with flowers can attract bees, so when choosing perennials and shrubs try to place bee-loving plants away from lounging and walkway areas in the pool landscaping. Low-maintenance and mess-free plants are ideal for landscaping around pool areas so choosing no-fuss plants can leave more time for swimming and relaxing instead of cleaning up. Adding small planters in the pool area landscaping can bring a splash of color without bringing a big mess. Place them throughout your spaces to brighten up any landscape.

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Adding lighting in your landscaping around inground pool areas can add safety and enhance the space for all hours of the night. Path lights, downlights, under-wall lights, or uplights are just a few options of fixtures you can place in the landscaping around pool spaces. Not only can they highlight your landscape features, but they can give you some peace of mind by lighting up your pool area landscaping into the night. It can also extend your entertaining time in the backyard pool landscaping by illuminating your outdoor rooms without harsh spotlights or house lights. The pool landscaping is more inviting when illuminated so can make entertaining easy and welcoming at all times.

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Patio spaces in your backyard pool landscaping should be based on what activities you plan on doing in the pool area landscaping. Planning for lounge chairs, a dining table or kids’ activities can use different-sized patio areas. Adding special furniture to your plan can ensure you have plenty of space for your activities in your pool landscaping. Landscaping around inground pool areas can include adding special features like fire pits, fireplaces, water features, outdoor kitchens, or a special structure like a pergola or cabana. These can elevate your pool landscaping by making them a unique and special space for your family. They can make the space usable year-round by protecting you from the elements or adding a feature to use all year and not just when the summer months hit. 

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Using these top tips for pool landscaping can make sure your outdoor spaces are a success. Anytime is a good time to start planning out the next phase of your landscape. Our designers would love to help you get started customizing your pool landscaping. 

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