Project Description

Geometric Patio Design in Winnetka

The homeowners of this property were looking for outdoor spaces to entertain large groups, a cozy spot for small gatherings, and an area for cooking.

The main outdoor entertaining area is located just outside the breakfast room and is built of bluestone. Matching the stone detail of the house addition, a decorative stone seat wall provides extra seating and enhances the geometric shape of the space. A multi-stemmed River Birch was placed in close proximity of the patio to eventually provide solace from the afternoon sun.

Since the homeowners love to grill, a masonry BBQ wall was added just outside the kitchen. A small bluestone landing turns into the bluestone stepper path which leads to the main entertaining area.  Near the cooking area, a stone wall storage area, also containing the home’s A/C condensers, was planted with climbing Euonymus to help soften the appearance of the wall.

Along the stepper path through a flourishing landscape of boxwood hedges, groundcover and colorful perennials and annual flowers, a small cozy seating area appears.

A modestly detailed cedar pergola was designed with the purpose of creating filtered shade into the area and provide visual interest to the garden when viewed from the inside of the house. The bluestone chips were chosen not only for a change in visual interest but for the auditory ‘crunching’ sound as someone walks in the area.  A Red Maple will add shade as well as scale to the outdoor spaces.

The bluestone stepper and chip path terminates into an intimate space containing a large flower pot that is the focal point when viewed from the window wall. The pot sits in a circle of boxwood hedges and flanked on both sides by Japanese Red Maples.