Project Description

A Cozy Winnetka Retreat


The owners of this North Shore residence were looking for a way to open their family room up to the backyard and take advantage of the view from the large windows and French doors.

It was decided to keep the multilevel outdoor living area. There was still need for some steps from the family room to the lawn level and from the new patio to the driveway on the west side. The landscape design team opted for an old fashioned “porch” feel with a new wood deck that features larger, wider steps that can be used for extra seating. The “porch” became large enough for the BBQ and for a small bistro table and chairs.

As one comes down the steps the space opens up to a bluestone patio. The patio needed to be large enough for entertaining yet intimate enough for small family gatherings. A stone seat wall is the focal point of the patio. The patio is surrounded by Hydrangea, Viburnums, Japanese Red Maple, colorful perennials and lush groundcovers creating a garden-like setting.

To handle the grade change between the driveway and patio, outcropping stones and Eden stone steps were used to create access to and hold up the patio on the west side. This area is plush with Cotoneaster, groundcover and flowering perennials. Colorful pots of annuals greet family and friends who come to visit.

The patio opens onto the lush green lawn. Evergreen trees, flowering shrubs and perennials surround the lawn to provide screening and a variety of textures.