Project Description

A Spectacular Winnetka Home on the Lake Michigan Shoreline


The homeowners’ desire is to keep a meticulously groomed look to their lawn, which creates an inviting soft carpet of green that invites guests to enjoy the other landscape features of the property.

The plant material around the house is allowed to grow and mature as nature intended and then the landscape maintenance team selectively prunes them so that they will not overwhelm the rest of the landscape and enhance the layered or tiered effect of the plant stature. The perennials are dead headed two times a month to encourage continuous color and the groundcovers are trimmed back to prevent them from taking over the walks or stepper paths. The homeowners encourage the local bird population with several bird feeders on the property.

The rear lawn helps enhance the spectacular views to Lake Michigan. To keep it looking lush and green, it the lawn is fertilized five times a season with a herbicide applications being coordinated with the fertilizer application.

The large expanse of boulder wall and planting beds along the bluff are weeded and dead headed frequently. If any bare areas appear between the boulders the maintenance team supplements them with Sedum, Creeping Thyme and/or Day Lilies to help control any soil erosion.

The Sweet Autumn Clematis that is growing on the boathouse fireplace is artfully tacked up every two weeks using loose loops floral wire and adhesive hooks attached to the stone fireplace.