Project Description

An Active Family Home in Winnetka

The family of this Winnetka residence is very active, with three grown children, two teenagers still at home, three dogs, so the outdoor spaces are always used for entertaining.

Their first request is to keep a meticulously groomed, clean, yet natural look to their front lawn and planting beds. The Japanese Red Maple is pruned just enough to remove the dead branches and shape the tree to keep its full look. Because of the mix of sun and shade, the concrete paver banding in the driveway is maintained to keep the moss at a minimum.

The bluestone path through the shade garden is maintained to keep the wonderful mix of textures and green hues of the perennials and groundcovers. Once again, because of the constant shade the landscape maintenance team must keep the walk clean of moss so that it doesn’t become slippery.

The planting beds are groomed to keep the clean, crisp, natural look, mimicking the front. Because of the dog friendly nature of the Owners the planting beds are weeded weekly by hand to keep the chemical use to a minimum.  And with dogs, the challenge becomes keeping the lawn a consistent lush green space. Other than weekly mowing, the lawn is treated with fertilizers four times a year.  The dog damaged areas are continually repaired with seed or sod.

Seasonal color is also present with sixteen flower pots located around the property. The flowers in the pots are dead-headed and watered every week to keep them looking their best. The pots are also changed four times a year with seasonal annuals and winter greens to ensure a fresh and colorful look when the homeowners are entertaining.