Project Description

Going Green in Winnetka

At the request of the homeowner, the landscape maintenance team uses a fertilizer containing natural minerals and organics on the lawn areas six times during the season. All of the leaves and trimmings are collected and placed in a designated compost area and re-used throughout the site as mulch. These efforts help to minimize the impact on the earth.

The rear border is aligned with a beautiful perennial cutting garden. The garden needs are tended to on a weekly basis consisting of weeding, dead heading and the occasional splitting of the perennials. This keeps the garden looking fresh while also providing continuous blooms for the homeowner. The outcropping stone pond also requires monthly maintenance consisting of removing any debris such as leaves and twigs and cleaning the build up of algae on the stones.

The rear yard also contains natural wooded area. Over the years, the homeowner has enhanced this area with woodland perennials, shrubs and mulch path to view the plants. The weekly landscape maintenance includes cultivating and re-mulching the path, weeding and removing any invasive plant material.

The front courtyard entry requires a crisp, clean look with a spectacular color display of annuals which enhance the ornamental sculpture. On one wall is a spectacular espalier crabapple tree.  As the tree grows, new wires are attached to the wall and the new growth is attached to the wire. The tree must continually be pruned to remain flat on the wall.