A Tranquil Oasis in Wilmette

The family of this property is very active, with three children, and they like to entertain on a regular basis.  Since their lot is smaller than the surrounding properties, their aspiration for the landscape maintenance program was the feel of a large garden space that would always be an oasis of tranquility and beauty on their days off, an inviting entertainment area, and safe place for neighborhood kids to play.

The homeowners’ first desire is to keep a meticulously groomed, clean crisp look to their lawn and planting beds. The homeowners also prefer a full and lush garden look with great seasonal interest, so the landscape maintenance team enhances any open spaces with plant material suitable and spectacular for the area.

The second desire is keeping the backyard suitable for kids to play. The area is always wet because of the flat topography.  An extensive drainage system was installed to remove standing water and drain the area to help with this issue.

Seasonal color is also present with the seventeen flower pots located around the property and the window boxes of the playhouse. The pots are changed four times a year with seasonal annuals and winter greens.  Since the homeowners entertain regularly, the pots must always look fresh and colorful for guests. All of these measures culminate into a spectacular entertainment area that the homeowners can use with assurance when guest arrive.

Holiday decorating brings the year to a close. Holiday lights are installed on the house and specific trees and shrubs, a Christmas tree on the front porch and potted Alberta Spruce trees with lights on either side of the front door.  Even the playhouse in the rear yard is decked out with lights and winter interest in the window boxes.