Project Description

A Wilmette Landscape Transformation

Home renovation is always a great opportunity to improve the beauty and function of the house but also for the outdoor living spaces.  The east to west orientation of the existing swimming pool did not allow for such a design.   It was decided that the old pool be abandoned and the new inground pool should be orientated north and south which would allow for a spacious courtyard patio between the wings of the house and better use of the sun for sunbathers.

The pool and deck were lowered 14” from the courtyard in order to see over the pool and to capitalize on the panoramic view of Lake Michigan. The courtyard patio is tumbled clay pavers to complement the house brick.  Simple boxwood hedges align the house on both sides of the courtyard.

The pool deck is constructed out of Ipe wood and “floats” around the pool.  It is set flush with the pool coping but has an 18” air gap underneath for adequate air circulation. Drain tile was installed around the perimeter of the pool structure to ensure proper drainage.

New stairs were built that lead you to a tumbled clay brick landing that is used for small gatherings. The stairs are lannonstone risers with bluestone treads to match the upper garden wall and steps.

From the new wall steps you transition to bluestone steppers set into the lawn.  The remaining hillside along the base of the retaining wall was transformed into a garden area with outcropping stone providing planting pockets with flowering trees, colorful perennials and ornamental grasses.