Richard Grant James Martin Associates

Landscape Architect & Project Director


Originally from Maple Heights, a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio Rick still loves his hometown, especially the Indians, Browns and Cavaliers.  

After graduating from High School, he had summer jobs mowing lawns and in a local garden center. During college, Rick studied Psychology and worked during school breaks continuing his interest in a high-end Nursery. “This helped me get to know plant material and see the plants change through the seasons.”

After finishing the core psychology curriculum, he stumbled into the School of Architecture at Ohio State University (O.S.U.).  Rick entered the Landscape Architecture program at O.S.U. and then completed a degree in Agronomy with the intention to design/build golf courses.

Upon college graduation, Rick worked at a Landscape Architecture firm in Columbus Ohio for 3 years and then moved to Chicago to work at a Landscaping Company on the North Shore. During these two decades in the Chicagoland area, Rick gained valuable knowledge of landscape architecture and design within surrounding residential properties.

Hobbies include motorcycle riding as Chicago has some of the best routes to enjoy! 

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