Mike burba

IT Manager


Mike is originally from Illinois, however, he lived most of his life in Kenosha County, Wisconsin. From a young age, Mike always had a passion and a knack for technology. This skillset led him to his first role at James Martin Associates as an  IT & Marketing Associate.  After two years, Mike was promoted to IT Manager and took on the added responsibility of a Client Relations Manager. In this role, he works daily with our commercial clients and our production team.

In the chillier Winter months, you will find Mike assisting our Snow Team in an operations capacity whether snow plowing, sharing snow alerts with our clients, or back at the office tackling any IT needs that arise. 

Outside of the office, you’ll find Mike on the Chain O’Lakes floating or at a local race track.  Mike also loves racing snowmobiles and dirt bikes. You could say he enjoys thrilling sports!  Mike loves to travel and enjoy long weekends at the races. 

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