Design Build Operations Coordinator/IT and Snow Administrative Manager/Seasonal Display Purchaser


Kristin started working for JMA in 1993 and has worked with the administrative, design-build, maintenance, and snow removal teams.

Kristin is currently the Design-Build Operations Coordinator responsible for processing accepted jobs, making sure materials for the jobs are ordered and available at the start of the job, she works with the Project Directors to schedule the jobs and to bring them in under estimated hours and materials.  She is also responsible for invoicing and all reporting for the Design-Build Team.

In addition, during the snow season she manages the snow administrative team making sure all pre-season administrative tasks are done, managing the event administrative tasks and event reporting, plus closing out the administrative functions at the end of the season.  During her tenure with JMA she became a Certified Landscape Professional (CLP).

“Kristin is amazing….She is our team’s and on some levels, our company’s “She’ll Answer Woman”…She has helped create the systems, refine them, perfect them and pass them on to others through teaching and training.” says Vice President Heidi Sibert.

“When I think of Kristin’s contributions, I think of words like smart, bright, persistent, diligent, and focused and I end with edgy. I say edgy because she is always looking for a better way to do something, to eliminate steps, to make her work not only efficient, but smart.” says President Jim Martin.

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