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Hardscape Projects Built to Impress

Hardscape projects, like patios and fire pits, are often the first thing to come to mind when you think of enhanced outdoor spaces.
Fire pits that you sit around reminiscing with friends into the late evening hours, driveways that are the envy of the neighborhood, and charming stone pathways that lead you into your own personal secret garden do not  just boost your curb appeal, they make your home feel more like you.
Hardscaping adds to the value of your home and transforms unusable or even unsafe spaces into functional entertainment spots. Make the most of your outdoor area with hardscape projects like driveways, fire pits, fireplaces, retaining walls, custom stone masonry, stairs, or steps.
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Award-Winning Landscape Design and the James Martin Associates Difference

You want an outdoor patio space that you can enjoy for years to come which means you need a landscape contractor that does not cut corners. Before every patio, walk, or wall project installation, we construct a proper base and account for drainage so you can trust you made a wise investment in a project that is safe and professionally installed.

James Martin Associates has designed and installed thousands of beautiful outdoor living spaces over our 45+ years in business.

Driveway Design and Installation

Searching for a way to boost the curb appeal at your home? Look no further than the addition of a customized driveway. From the timeless elegance of brick to the versatility of concrete, or the rustic charm of gravel and the contemporary allure of pavers, we offer a range of materials to suit your needs.

A driveway customized to reflect your unique style can make pulling into your home each day feel like a breath of fresh air. Driveways combine both form and function to give a jaw-dropping first impression to guests visiting your home through the chilly Fall months.

Fire Feature Design and Installation

Fire features are a key element to include in your outdoor living space in Chicagoland.

Fire pits or fireplaces extend your time outdoors, providing light and warmth, allowing you to stay cozy in the late evening hours or even through the chilly Fall months. They provide a gathering place to roast marshmallows, catch up with family and friends, or peacefully gaze up at the stars.

We offer both natural and gas fire feature design and installation.

Retaining Wall Design and Installation

Whether you need to keep erosion under control, or need to create the look of structure throughout your landscape, retaining walls can add both support and form to your property.

Retaining walls, whether built out of necessity or for a unique landscape focal point, can create usable space for a grassy area or even a patio.

Custom Masonry Design and Installation

Our experienced stonemasons can complete outdoor projects such as adding stone to the facade of your home, building on pillars to your porch, or constructing columns and pillars at the end of your driveway. We can even add stone to a mailbox or entry gate.

Stair and Walkway Design and Installation

In order to safely and effectively navigate your property, the addition of stairs or walkways may be necessary. When these features are constructed out of stone, they add beauty to the natural transitions of your landscape.

Walkway and stair design and installation can boost the value of your home and help to complement your existing landscape or the architecture of your home.

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