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Let your property dazzle after dark with landscape lighting

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Intentional Outdoor Lighting for Safety and Usability

Summer nights in the Chicagoland area are worth enjoying. Extend the use of your outdoor space into the evening with the installation of landscape lighting.
Help your guests stay safe by adding lighting along pathways and stairs so they can easily navigate your property. Deter intruders by including your front entry area into your landscape lighting design plan as well. Marvel at the beauty of your landscape year-round by highlighting interesting elements and spaces with outdoor lighting.
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Thoughtful Landscape Lighting Design & Installation

Professionally designed and installed landscape lighting projects are more than just placing a few lighting fixtures in the ground along a walkway. Your exterior landscape lighting will enhance the view from every room inside your house throughout the year. Our team of landscape architects crafts a lighting design plan that is customized to meet your needs.

The lighting products we install at your home are professional-grade fixtures that can’t be found at your local hardware store. They include LED bulbs and often complementary technology applications so you can adjust your lights to suit your mood.

Illuminate Your Outdoor Entertainment Area

Your landscape lighting project begins with a complimentary consultation. Next, your landscape architect will provide you with a detailed plan that takes into account the unique features on your property as well as safety or security measures.

Once you have selected lighting fixtures that complement your existing landscape, our installation team gets to work, carefully placing and positioning each light. All that is left is to sit back and let your property shine!

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