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From a simple barbecue grill to a custom built outdoor kitchen that will transform your outdoor living area,  James Martin Associates will work with you to create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. 

Outdoor kitchens allow you to eat dinner with your family outside, sip a glass of wine with a friend, or throw a party for the neighborhood. However you choose to use your outdoor kitchen, it will add versatility and possibility to your lifestyle.

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At James Martin Associates, we have a team of designers on hand to help you build your dream outdoor kitchen. However, as you start planning your new outdoor kitchen installation, there are a few design elements to consider:

  • Kitchen island
  • Grill or BBQ
  • Pergola: great for both decor and functional purposes as it can help protect against nature during rainy, warm or snowy weather and also adds some great interest architecturally to your outdoor kitchen design
  • Bar: outdoor bars are great for when you’re watching sports outside or summer entertaining, whether you want cool beverages for the kids or the adults
  • Pizza oven: many of our clients who really enjoy cooking have opted for an outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven
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For those of you chefs considering installing grills, smokers or pizza ovens, there are plenty of great options for you to choose from including:

  • Countertop design: It’s important to design enough counter space to prep and cook your meals. This also helps limit the trips to and from the house that you’ll make when enjoying your Outdoor kitchen. Popular options are granite or other natural stones.
  • Cabinet choices: Just like your indoor kitchen, storage space is very important for outdoor kitchens. Be sure you have enough space to store all of your utensils, cookware, cooks tools and any snacks you may leave outside that you use frequently. 
  • Outdoor surfaces and deck options: At grade kitchens often use natural stone or concrete for the floor. Raised kitchens can be built on composite (recycled plastic as a wood substitute) or IPE decking which are wood structures that are strong, long-lasting, naturally resistant to rot, abrasion, weather, and insects. IPE Decking is almost twice as dense as most woods and up to five times harder. 
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In addition to the all important design elements, it’s also important to consider the functional aspects of your outdoor kitchen, including:

  • Refrigeration options: Do you want to be able to prep and store food outside? Do you want cold drinks poolside for quick access? There are lots of refrigeration and ice maker options that are great for your outdoor kitchen. 
  • Outdoor lighting: Proper outdoor lighting is essential for a comfortable, safe and usable outdoor kitchen. Proper outdoor lighting for both your outdoor kitchen, outdoor dining area and any outdoor entertaining space will really maximize how much you end up utilizing your space. 
  • Heaters: There are various electric and natural gas or propane-powered heaters that James Martin Associates can help build into your space. Adequate heaters are especially important during chilly Chicago winters, or throughout the 3 seasons that may not be our warm Chicago summers!
  • Drainage: The team at James Martin Associates will always make sure the areas surrounding your outdoor kitchen are designed to properly handle storm water drainage.
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Whether you know exactly what kind of outdoor kitchen you want, or are looking to explore your options, we are excited to start building the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. Connect with us today by filling out the contact form below. We can’t wait to meet with you to discuss your future project!

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