Secluded Townhouses in Northfield

The Landmark Town Home Development, nestled in Northfield, Illinois, requires some ingenuity when it comes to maintaining the site.

The townhouse development was designed with each unit having a private landscaped patio area all of which share an inner courtyard. All of the units face a courtyard area that consists of different tiers or levels created by timber walls and granite boulders.

The residents’ patios are separated from each other with only the creative use of plant material. The landscape maintenance team must maintain each space with privacy being the main objective but also creating a soft and lush setting.

Upon entering the property, your view takes in the large water feature. Debris is removed on a weekly basis as well as maintaining the water level. The waterfall is cleaned on monthly basis which includes power washing the boulders and removing any algae that may have discolored the stone.

The front entrance contains a large annual planting bed. The residents love color so the annual flowers are rotated throughout the seasons. Because space is limited on the site, the only area where turf management is used is along the parkway of the property, which gives the development a welcoming and fresh appearance.