A Peaceful Libertyville Respite


The homeowners of this property built this house to be their forever home.  Despite the fact that they also have a winter home in the South they wanted this house to not only be a place they could enjoy their retirement years, but somewhere that their extended family could use as a peaceful and pleasurable respite. Many of the landscape details were specifically created to complement the house and allow the guests to view the outdoor elements from a variety of vantage points.

To that effect, it was very important to keep the site in a constant state of impeccable appearance.  The landscape maintenance team had the enormous task of not only preserving the original design intent, but enhancing its character throughout the seasons.

It is critical that landscape maintenance team inspects and cleans the drainage inlets near the lower waterfall every week to ensure that the system is clear and does not end up overburdening the house sump pump. Additionally, since the house uses rain chains instead of traditional downspouts, it is equally as important in making sure that the gravel splash zones are clear of debris and flowing in the proper direction.

All of the trees in the rear yard, including the Silver Maples (Acer saccharinum) and Boxelder (Acer negundo), are considered protected trees by the Homeowners Association and cannot be removed unless they are dying. However, through phototropism the trees have grown in a way that makes them lean over the patio and house.

Therefore, each hardscape, water feature, and flowering container have to be cleaned of falling branches and samaras. These trees also contracted a Scale infestation, which led to the patio and understory plants being covered in honeydew secretions. The landscape maintenance team was quick to respond with an IPM solution and the homeowners lost virtually no time in enjoying their outdoor living space.