A Stunning Lake Forest Retreat


The most demanding element of this Lake Forest landscape is the lawn. The turf is nursed with 8 organic feeds each season. The irrigation system also plays a role: There are 36 irrigation zones, yet at times the maintenance crew need to hand water both turf and beds to keep it green.

Groundcover and boxwood plantings are the next challenges. The pachysandra Groundcover prefers shade, and is fed with soil nutrients and iron.  The beds are refreshed with compost throughout the seasons.

The boxwoods, approximately 300 of them, present a different challenge.  The crew shapes each one individually to create something visually stunning.  To some visitors, the boxwoods remind them of green pearl necklaces bordering the wood of the neighboring ravine.

The most unique space is the dog run. The two dogs are allowed to run free, contrasting with the garden’s calm character.  Lawn care and Groundcover recovery remains manageable due to the two visits a week the property enjoys.

The bluestone areas of the pool deck come with their own cooling systems.  While providing heat relief, the water also encourages weeds through the dry-laid paving joints.

Lastly, the property rests on a Great Lake bluff.  With approximately 90 stone steps up and down the slope, keeping access clear is important.  The slope also presents a challenge with maintenance equipment, which is needed twice a month to recapture drifting sand by hand from the neighbors.