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We pride ourselves in fostering the development of students interested in pursuing a lifelong career in the green industry and show our commitment by offering a variety of internships and scholarships that create a pathway to apprenticeship and permanent employment.

Ideal applicants are hard-working, flexible, and motivated individuals. Interns get a variety of assignments that give them the opportunity to learn new skills.

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James Martin Associates is an award-winning landscape firm committed to training students in horticulture, landscape architecture, and construction management.

Interns work on residential, commercial, and design build teams for a variety of experience.

We also offer internships in marketing, business administration, HR, and finance.

In all of our internships, we provide a good work/life balance and a true team environment.

ELandscape interns will be integral members of the team during our summer season and will learn how to safely use equipment, prepare conceptual designs, assist in the management of client relations, help with project estimating, and much more. They’ll work with experienced professionals who have been in the industry for decades.

Interns will gain hands-on experience by rotating through departments, including residential maintenance, commercial maintenance, design/build, and irrigation.

Our experienced crew leaders and designers will introduce interns to the complexities of proper landscape installation and maintenance. Interns will learn how to install and maintain annuals, a variety of woody plant materials, and turf. They also may have involvement with the installation of patios, water features, outdoor kitchens, and other living spaces. In essence, they learn how to bring conceptual designs to life.

Specifically, landscape interns learn how to:


  • Create base maps in AutoCAD
  • Complete site surveys
  • Assist Landscape Architects with various duties, from conceptual designs to final plans


  • Assist foremen and crews with maintenance operations
  • Complete site surveys and assist with site inspections

Manage Annual Flower Production

  • Coordinate and install annual flowers
  • Document annual flower layout

Manage the Nursery and Yard

  • Assist with plant material acquisition, job staging and care

Assist with Sales and Account Management

  • Support account managers
  • Assist with preparation of proposals

Hear what previous landscaping interns and Operations Associates had to say about their experiences:

Once interns successfully complete a three month seasonal internship, they are evaluated for future opportunities with the company. These include scholarships, apprenticeships, and Operation Associate positions.

Exceptional interns are either offered an Operations Associate position upon completion of their final year in school or they are offered a Scholarship/Apprenticeship opportunity.

After their initial two years as an Apprentice/Operations Associate, the ultimate objective is to turn them into long-term employees while giving them more responsibility as they grow into their roles.

To date, we have trained and mentored over 120 young industry professionals.

We offer several year-round and summer office internships in marketing, accounting, business administration, and HR.

Students will use what they’ve learned in class for real world applications, such as supporting marketing campaigns, helping with recruiting and benefits, and assisting in monthly financial operations.

Learn more about our office internships by hearing from former interns:

We are honored to have three senior-level Associates who started here as interns or Operations Associates and are now General Managers, Vice Presidents, and Partners.

Heidi Sibert joined James Martin Associates 35 years ago as an Operations Associate and Landscape Architect and now serves as Senior Vice President.

Tom Bolas started here as an intern 31 years ago after completing his Landscape Architecture Degree. He is the General Manager and Vice President of James Martin Associates.

Scott Natter started as an intern in 2007 at James Martin Associates and is now the General Manager at Boulder-based L.I.D. Landscapes, acquired by JMA in 2013.

We pride ourselves in fostering the development of students interested in pursuing a lifelong career in the green industry and show our commitment by offering a variety of scholarships and internships that create a pathway to apprenticeship and permanent employment.

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