Outdoor Entertaining in Hinsdale


A challenge for a site with a formal theme is giving the sense that the pristine lines and shapes have never been affected by time or adverse conditions.  The hedges must always be a complementary green frame to the lawn panels.  Seasonal colors must always be vibrant and help complement the outdoor living spaces.  The effects of any outdoor entertainment must be addressed immediately to uphold the pristine appearance of the site.

Annual tea compost treatments help keep all of the flower and annual beds vigorous and ensure healthy soil microbes.  Containers and annual flower beds are changed out four times a year.

A cistern is used to collect runoff from the upper house balcony and then run through a separate irrigation system.  All of the containers and annual beds use drip irrigation to allow for efficient use of the gray-water.  Arbor-Ties are used to prevent splitting of the Arborvitae hedge and ensure their use as a privacy screen in the backyard.

Each year the homeowner has a large party which includes a large tent.  Our landscape maintenance team is always involved with the preparations by identifying where all of the irrigation lines are located so that they will not be damaged by the tent anchors.  When the party is over, the maintenance team addresses any turf damage so that the pristine appearance remains uninterrupted.