An Inviting Highland Park Landscape


One of the challenges of taking over this overrun residential site was getting the outdoor spaces under control and restoring the meticulously tidy look to the landscape.

The first task was pruning the trees and shrubs to a natural yet clean shape. Proper hand pruning of the plant material helps maintain the separation from each species thus ensuring that the shrubs can be seen as individuals among a grouping of similar shapes, which was the wish of the homeowners.

With the front walk being a dominant landscape element, the aligning roses and groundcover need to be frequently trimmed back to enforce the lineal line of the walk. The hedge and day lilies along the public sidewalk are also cut back on a regular basis so as not to encroach onto the walk and continue the clean look and create an inviting appearance outside of the property.

The owners frequently use the large lawn space for entertaining and sport activities, thus it is continually maintained to keep it a consistent green space. With regular core aeration, thatching, and overseeding, the lawn remains green and clear of weeds throughout the height of summer.

The flower pots at the front door are changed throughout the season to keep the front attractive, colorful and inviting.