Pristine Elegance in Glencoe


The landscape maintenance requirements for this home required different approaches because of the differing appearances of the front yard and backyard.  The homeowner’s desire is for the front yard to look uniform and pristine, while the backyard is intended as the homeowner’s private, natural oasis.

The boxwood hedges in the front yard are meticulously pruned each month to ensure they look consistent throughout the year. The roses and day lilies are deadheaded to allow continuous blooms throughout the season while the other plant material along the outer borders is allowed to create a lush naturalized privacy screen.

The backyard, with its freeform lines and unflustered plantings, needed a different approach in maintenance.  The homeowner’s dog is only allowed into the backyard which means the team must constantly address the burn marks in the turf.  The team is determined to provide the homeowner with a lush green lawn without the homeowner incurring the high cost of constant sod replacement.  The team provides this by over seeding and monitoring the watering requirements of these damaged areas.

Evergreen trees and large deciduous shrubs along the outer borders are pruned seasonally to maximize their screening abilities, giving the owners the privacy they require.