BACKYARD FIRE PITS FOR a Chicagoland Landscape

Cozy up by your backyard fire pit throughout the cooler seasons, or create a retreat to stay warm on crisp spring and autumn nights. An outdoor fireplace or firepit allows you to relax and entertain guests outside all year round, no matter what the season! 
James Martin Associates has 40+ years working with our clients, listening to their goals and desires, and partnering with them to create the outdoor space of their dreams. Our landscaping designers will work with you every step of the way to choose the outdoor fire pit or fireplace that fits your personal style and needs.
Whether you want to sip a glass of wine with friends, cook marshmallows over the fire, or grill your favorite foods, you’ll discover that a fire pit or fireplace makes every season enjoyable.
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Stone fire pits and fireplaces create a stunning focal point in any landscape design, while extending the usability of your outdoor space as you cozy up outside throughout Chicago’s cooler seasons.

Both a fireplace and a firepit are great for outdoor entertaining and they’re perfect for gathering with your family day to day. If you have the space for an outdoor grill and an outdoor firepit we’d encourage you to add both as the outdoor grill is more functional for cooking dinner or bbq’ing… The outdoor fire pit is more of a leisure space to have a glass of wine, roast marshmallows and relax with family and friends.

Your new outdoor fireplace will create the perfect focal point for your patio. Let the team at James Martin Associates work with you to create a space that’s cozy and inviting – no matter your style, whether contemporary, modern, traditional, or country chic.

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Another important element of an outdoor firepit to consider when designing the dream space for your family includes what material to use.

Whether it’s blue stone,  granite, lannon stone, limestone or brick, there are quite a few options to make a unique outdoor living space perfect for your style, needs and functionality. 

Our team of landscape design experts will help you select the perfect material for your firepit or fireplace, taking into account the harsh Chicaloand winters we experience.

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You may wonder, what is the difference between a firepit and a fireplace? A firepit is a smaller structure (typically round) where you can build a fire within it, whether you use wood, or many of our designs feature gas fire within the fire pit.

An outdoor fireplace is a larger structure, usually built with surrounding walls, ledges and sometimes seating or other appliances around it (such as a sink, or grill). It’s a larger structure and typically isn’t removable as a fire pit is.

The fireplace usually has a design aesthetic similar to the architecture of the home. This creates a complimentary design feature from the inside of your home carrying outside to your landscape design.

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There are a number of benefits when it comes to adding an outdoor fire pit to your backyard or patio. 

  • A firepit is less of a financial commitment and expense than a built in fireplace so for clients not quite ready to commit to an outdoor fireplace, we suggest considering a custom-built firepit.
  • Firepits offer the functionality for outdoor gatherings and also added fun for sitting by the fire with family or friends enjoying a glass of wine or making smores.
  • Firepits are made of non-combustible materials making them safe and enjoyable for the whole family.
  • Firepits provide additional light and warmth to an outdoor space.
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Regardless of whether you want a firepit, a fireplace, a pergola or possibly a new landscape design, with 40+ years of experience our team of experts at James Martin Associates are your trusted source of Landscape Design in the Chicagoland area.

Our team of professional landscape designers will help you build your dream outdoor fireplace or firepit. Call us today to speak to our design team about enhancing your outdoor space.  James Martin Associates looks forward to connecting with you and helping create the dream landscape for your home. 

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