The Muddy Backyard Saga

The morning sun steamed through the window to Abby’s delight! Yesterday afternoon’s April slushy rain brought what every dog in the neighborhood wished for… a wet yard, puddles galore and MUD!! She barked out to all her furry friends and the news spread quickly. She knew her humans would not be happy, but she didn’t care. It was time to go play with her best buddy Tim.

Harry was already bragging; he was out for his morning walk and had just left lots of muddy paw prints on the kitchen floor. Maggie made a mad dash for biggest puddle to drop her stick in. Abby barked “Puddle? We have a lake in our backyard!”

The Rescue

Abby’s humans were at the end of their “leash”, they could not take anymore mud! After calling several friends for a referral, they enlisted the help of James Martin Associates. The creative and horticultural team at JMA developed a master landscape plan to control the water. They coordinated with the village to follow codes and collaborated with a civil engineer for help with the permit drawings.

Abby Watched as trenches were dug, a lot of green pipe and gravel was installed, and something else that looked like grass, but wasn’t? Just what were they doing to her yard?

That’s A Beautiful Backyard!

Much to Abby’s dismay, the new drainage, dry creek bed, water loving plants, and faux turf dog run changed her muddy play yard forever Her humans were ecstatic.