The Wish List

Each spring as winter loosens it’s icy grip, nature emerges from it’s hiding place. Hibernating animals stir and flowers reach for the sun. For Brad this was no different. Having spent the last several months cooped up, Brad longed for the great outdoors. His primal instincts to absorb natural light, connect with his friends, and grill meat could no longed be suppressed. He desperately needed to escape the confines of his cramped, dark, and sometimes noisy house.

Staring out his window, Brad wished for his own magnificent get-away place. A place filled with wonderful manly things like comfortable seating, fire, acres of green grass, and a shiny new grill. Maybe even an outdoor TV to watch the Masters and the Cubs beat the Cardinals. He wanted it to be a place that he could share with his wife and kids because he actually did enjoy hanging out with them…

The Journey

Brad knew what he wanted but had no idea how to get it. He asked his friends and neighbors how he could get his outdoor man cave and was told to call James Martin Associates. Brad called and the team at JMA came up with unique and engaging concepts to create his dream.

The JMA team took down Brad’s extensive list of ideas, researched the codes, and presented a range of ideas which opened his eyes to the many possibilities.

The Finale!

In the end Brad was all smiles. With burger in hand, a salmon filet for his lovely wife Sarah, and tofu burgers for his two spirited daughters, he switched on the big game. Looking across his lush green lawn, his focus turned to the border gardens and new playhouse. He glanced at the designer pillows, hurricane candles, and lovely flower pots and they gave each other a nod of approval.

The man cave had now become the family cave. Life couldn’t be better.