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You’ve come to the right place to get the lawn care needed for your new or existing landscape! James Martin Associates has been a trusted company for lawn mowing and lawn care service in the north and northwest suburbs of the Chicago area for over 43 years.

Our lawn maintenance professionals will proactively manage your landscape, saving you the worry while allowing you the enjoyment of your landscape design, season after season.

Whether you are needing to revive a dying lawn, install a new lawn and landscape, or just tame your existing lawn with precise mowing and edging, James Martin Associates has the lawn care service you are looking for!

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“The crew we were assigned was tremendous. They worked efficiently, energetically, pleasantly and thoughtfully. They ultimately made the magic happen. Please thank them for us.”


Comprehensive lawn care is much more involved than a simple/unsophisticated “mow and go” by a “Chuck in a truck” type service. Other lawn maintenance companies may not be able to help you solve advanced issues with your turf the way James Martin Associates can. JMA is a step above these companies with certified associates and account managers with years of training and experience. James Martin Associates crews have Account Managers and Foremen with years of experience not just on lawn mowing, but on total lawn and landscape care.

We excel in long-term lawn care service, because we know that short term solutions will only worsen your problems or cover them up and not serve as a long term solution. Flooding and drainage issues, insect infestation, and dead and dying areas are symptoms of an unhealthy lawn. Our team members work on all of these issues and can recognize their signs to bring them to your attention.

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Environmentally friendly lawn care

In addition to our knowledgeable lawn care professionals, we are also committed to “green” business practices that are environmentally responsible. We collect all landscape waste to create our own recycled mulch, we limit drive time for our crews between job sites, and use biodiesel fuel that limits carbon emissions.

James Martin Associates is proactive in solving issues even before they present themselves, and we consult with you monthly to make sure you are happy with our lawn maintenance. With over 43+ years of experience our priority is making our clients happy and working with them year after year.

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Your lawn care and landscape should be a stress reliever and not a stress inducer. Instead of worrying about long weekends of weed pulling, turf edging, and leaf raking, James Martin Associates will take over these tedious tasks to free up your time.

Nature is meant to be enjoyed, especially in our limited warm weather months in the Chicago climate. By trusting us with your lawn care, you can step out into a beautiful landscape from spring to fall, and enjoy the rich colors and healthy plants and flowers without lifting a finger and letting the team at James Martin Associates handle all of your worries making you stress free!

Let the James Martin Associates team help maximize the enjoyment of your lawn and enrich your life.

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  • Lawn Mowing and String Trimming
  • Pruning and Edging
  • Fertilizer and Pesticide Applications
  • Fall and Spring Cleanups
  • Mulch and Bed Amendments
  • Optional Seasonal Installations
  • Annual Flowers, Bulbs, Holiday Lighting and Holiday Pots
  • Plant Healthcare
  • Tree and Shrub Planting
  • Irrigation and Lighting Installation
  • Wall and Patio Installation
  • Steps and Boulder Retainment
  • Front Entry Treatments
  • And More
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“We have had JMA manage our landscaping needs for over 5 years. They have re done our landscaping beds, sod and even a patio with a pergola. The guys that come out weekly to cut our lawn are really terrific and do a great job at keeping up all the needs of a very large garden/lawn. Trimming plants and shrubs and making our lawn always look perfect! Really appreciate all of their hard work all year long.”
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In addition to the reliable lawn mowing we bring to you and your home, James Martin Associates is also committed to the lawn care service practices listed below:

  • Our employees incorporate Lean Management Services like weekly safety meetings, carefully grouped landscape crews, and Landscape Industry Certified Technician training programs.
  • Not only do we want to beautify your landscape, but we make it a priority to operate in an environmentally responsible way. Our Account Managers employ many different Green Strategies and Practices, such as landscape waste recycling which we convert into beautiful mulch!
  • Route Density is a focus for our lawn maintenance crews, not only to limit wasted fuel, but to ensure that we can service all of our clients more efficiently.
  • Timely and professional lawn care service 
  • Our certified staff and cutting-edge equipment gives James Martin Associates the leg up on other landscape contractors in the Chicago area
  • Site inspections to ensure quality performance
  • Meetings to discuss lawn care services and concerns
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Scaled to fit your needs

Comprehensive Services

  • Weekly lawm mowing
  • Line trimming of inaccessible areas
  • Spot weeding of shrub and tree bed areas
  • Edging of beds, walks, and curbs
  • Pruning of deciduous and evergreen shrubs and groundcovers
  • Blowing debris from all surfaces after completion of work
  • Fertilizing of shrubs, shade trees and ornamental trees at the appropriate times of the year
  • Application of weed herbicide and grub control treatments
  • Fall and spring clean-ups
  • Organic options available


Estate Services

Comprehensive Lawn Care Services plus additional customized services to meet your specific needs. For example:

  • Set up and take down of patio furniture, tennis court nets, gazebo
    awnings, other seasonal structures
  • Landscape Lighting bulb replacements or installation
  • Beach front maintenance
  • Window well cleaning
  • Holiday decorating

Selected Seasonal Services

Tailored to your needs. May include:

  • Weeding
  • Horticultural pruning
  • Edging
  • Holiday decorating

Special Services

Special services help you make the most of your summer. These services often include beginning- and end-of-season tasks such as:

  • Mulching and compost for planting beds
  • Set up and take down of patio furniture
  • Start up and shut down of a water feature
  • Installation and removal of flowering annuals

We provide a range of residential and commercial landscaping services and want to make sure you are receiving quality landscape care that fits your needs. If you have any questions about the levels of service that best fit you and your landscape, call us or submit a message and we will be happy to consult with you for free!

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