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Scholarship Opportunities

Training the Next Generation of Landscape Professionals

We pride ourselves in fostering the development of students interested in pursuing a lifelong career in the green industry and show our commitment by offering a variety of scholarships that create a pathway to apprenticeship and permanent employment.
Ideal applicants are hard-working, flexible, and motivated individuals. Interns get a variety of assignments that give them the opportunity to learn new skills.


Once interns successfully complete a three month seasonal internship, they are evaluated for future opportunities with the company. These include scholarships, apprenticeships, and Operation Associate positions.

Exceptional interns are either offered an Operations Associate position upon completion of their final year in school or they are offered a Scholarship/Apprenticeship opportunity.

After their initial two years as an Apprentice/Operations Associate, the ultimate objective is to turn them into long-term employees while giving them more responsibility as they grow into their roles.

To date, we have trained and mentored over 120 young industry professionals.

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