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Don't Lose Your Evergreens!

Landscaping Tips/November 2017

Don't Lose Your Evergreens!

We wanted to let you know about the importance of watering your evergreens. Evergreens planted in the last three years are at an increased risk of "winter burn", and/or loss of the tree if they are too dry. Luckily, we have had a recent increase of fall precipitation.

We highly recommend watering your evergreens through November, and even into December and January until the ground freezes. Once the soil freezes, the plant roots may not absorb water, especially in newer trees and shrubs. Additionally, a 2-3" layer of mulch will help conserve moisture in the soil. The most vulnerable evergreens include:
- Arborvitae
- Spruce
- Hemlocks
- Junipers
- Pine
- Boxwood
- Rhododendrons


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