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The Cradle

The Cradle / May 2016
flowers at open house

It's always a pleasure to support The Cradle! Please see the kind words from the staff at The Cradle and visit their website to see how you can support them.


"Special thanks and shout out to Cradle lawn care vendor James Martin Associates for their generous donation of potted annuals and greenery. We made excellent use of these flowers, starting with decorating the tables for our Nurse's Week luncheon. The very next day, the flowers decorated the tables for our Birthmother's Day brunch, where we acknowledge and honor the loving and strong women who make an adoption plan for their child. Finally, one of our volunteers planted the flowers in our courtyard pots, where they were enjoyed by the crowd of our 500 guests at our annual Open House. The Open House is a celebration of adoption, and families with children of all ages are invited to attend a fun day at The Cradle. Please notice the courtyard photo of Gillian, one of our young guests, enjoying the lovely outdoor patio space, made so much warmer and more welcoming by the generous donation of flowers. Thank you to James Martin Associates for being a strong supporter of adoption!"

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