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James Martin Associates Receives National Landscape Environmental Awards

James Martin Associates Receives National Landscape Environmental Awards from PLANET/December 2011


grand award winnetka











grand award lake geneva








distinction award winnetka

Two Grand Awards and A Distinction Award

One Grand Environmental Improvement Award was given for the elegant landscape redevelopment of a Winnetka lakeshore residence. The property owner’s objectives were to provide a graceful rear yard garden access down to the beach via the boat house roof top patio, while retaining an open lawn with a spectacular view of Lake Michigan.

Large outcropping stone boulders were set in the bluff, creating layers and nooks of plantings which were designed to visually enhance the path to and from the beach. Colorful perennials including Daylilies, Ornamental Grasses and Phlox, give the bluff a lush, colorful feel throughout the seasons.

The walk and landscaped areas along the north side of the residence were created using the existing bluestone and planted with new Viburnums, Hostas and Astilbe for this shaded area.

The colorful borders throughout the property were designed using plant materials from other areas of the property. The goal was to re-use as much of the existing plant material as possible. The border plantings consisted of large sweeps of Roses, Liatris and Ornamental Chives providing color throughout the summer months.

A second Grand Environmental Improvement Award was given for a new residence located along the shores of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. The objectives of this project were to preserve the mature existing trees, enhance the views to the lake and create a graceful grade transition between the home’s many porches and terraces which invite you to the lake. A casual garden theme sets the tone for this wooded and secluded property. Festively planted pots and a warm clay brick walk draw you into the house.

Granite boulder walls were used for soil retainment and their rich natural coloring. This allowed a smooth transition for the nearly 20’ drop in grade and created many opportunities for the planting beds and perennial pockets.

Hydrangeas, Junipers, Viburnums, Hostas and Astilbe were chosen for their rich textures and colors. They cascade throughout the boulder planting beds framing the beautiful views to the lake. Flagstone landings and solid stone steps wind through the lush plantings leading you to the lake.

The Distinction Environmental Improvement Award was given for a second Winnetka, Illinois residence for the rear yard landscape transformation. This landscape project resulted in the creation of an intimate adult entertaining area while maintaining enough lawn area for the kids to play.

A deck was designed for an old fashioned porch feel with wide steps to the yard that also serve as extra seating. The deck was large enough for a separate BBQ to be set out of site and for a small bistro table and chairs.

Coming down the deck steps the space opens up to a bluestone patio. A stone seat wall was placed for practical seating as well as providing a focal point of the patio. The patio is surrounded by Hydrangeas, Viburnums, Japanese Red Maples, colorful perennials and lush groundcovers.

Outcropping stones and natural stone steps were used to handle the grade change between the driveway and patio. The area is lush with Cotoneaster, Ivy groundcover and flowering perennials.

A transitional path from the patio to the lush green lawn was created using stone steppers.   The existing evergreen trees were limbed up to allow new flowering shrubs, perennials and groundcovers to be planted underneath and to reinforce the garden feel.

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