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PLANET Day of Service with Misericordia / 2011

PLANET Day of Service with Misericordia / April 2011



In celebration of Earth Day and the landscape industry's PLANET Day of Service Heidi Sibert and Kristi Robinson, Landscape Architects from James Martin along with Linda Hoffman of the Reynolds Group returned to Misericordia and helped the resident's plant perennials, ground cover and pansies to beautify their property from the centerpieces they created back in March.

In March, James Martin Associates and the Reynolds Group had worked alongside the residents and created beautiful centerpieces for the Women's Auxiliary Spring Luncheon and Fashion Show that benefited Misericordia, a community for persons with mild to profound developmental disabilities.

The fashion show was held on March 4th at the Palmer House and instead of the centerpieces being given away they were auctioned off. The centerpiece winners had the option to take them home to plant or donate them back to Misericordia. We were delighted that over 80% were donated back to Misericordia. The donated plants were returned to Misericordia and cared for by the residents in their greenhouse until we could return as part of Earth Day and PLANET Day of Service to help them plant around their community.

The PLANET Day of Service is an annual event that unites the green industry for a day of giving back to their communities. Thousands of people nationwide participate on this day to revitalize places where people, live work and play.

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