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James Martin Associates reaches out. Through news stories, corporate and educational speaking engagements, participation at local charity events, or hosting events at our offices, JMA is active and in the news! Call us for more information on any of our press releases and events.

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NALP 2017 Merit Award

NALP Merit Award/November 2017

James Martin Associates wins award for beautiul Lakeside Promenade Residence

The National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) granted James Martin Associates (JMA) a Merit Award earlier this month. JMA has now won an award for twelve straight years, and over 120 awards since 1981. 

Stay tuned for a gallery of this award winning project on our Houzz profile.



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Misericordia Donation

Charitable Donation/November 2017

James Martin Associates teams up with Wilson Nurseries to continue their tradition of charitable giving

During our Partner Appreciation event in August, James Martin Associates (JMA) hosted a hundred guests for a great cause at their Vernon Hills location. Attendees consisted of industry peers and local vendors who have joined us at this annual event dating back to 2008.

Cocktails, catering, and lively music accompanied the charitable atmosphere, and at the end of the event over 2,000 raffle tickets had been sold! Dennis Tiliks of Wilson Nurseries had the winning ticket, and as the winner he was able to pick the recipient to receive the donation from the money raised at this event. Dennis chose Misericordia, a Chicago based non-profit organization that provides a wonderful community of care and services for people with developmental disabilities.

We felt privileged to greet long-time Misericordia parent, Sharon Horan, at our JMA offices, who accepted the donation check on their behalf. Dennis, Sharon, and Jim Martin, President and Founder of JMA, shared stories about their experiences with Misericordia before posing for this photo together.

Thanks to all of our clients, vendors, peers, and associates who have contributed to the money raised during JMA’s 40th anniversary year! Without your generous support we would not be able to donate to amazing organizations such as Misericordia.



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Don't Lose Your Evergreens!

Landscaping Tips/November 2017

Don't Lose Your Evergreens!

We wanted to let you know about the importance of watering your evergreens. Evergreens planted in the last three years are at an increased risk of "winter burn", and/or loss of the tree if they are too dry. Luckily, we have had a recent increase of fall precipitation.

We highly recommend watering your evergreens through November, and even into December and January until the ground freezes. Once the soil freezes, the plant roots may not absorb water, especially in newer trees and shrubs. Additionally, a 2-3" layer of mulch will help conserve moisture in the soil. The most vulnerable evergreens include:
- Arborvitae
- Spruce
- Hemlocks
- Junipers
- Pine
- Boxwood
- Rhododendrons


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40th anniversary event 1

40th Anniversary Celebration/June 2017
NALP certification

James Martin Associates is celebrating a milestone!

After 40 years of business, James Martin Associates is hosting three different celebrations at their Vernon Hills location. The first event is being held on Saturday, June 17th, as an open house starting at 6 pm. We are excited to welcome alumni and current associates to enjoy food and drinks under our new garden tent. Announcements for the second and third events will be coming soon!

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NALP Certification Award

NALP Certification Award/January 2017
NALP certification

James Martin Associates is a Top Certified Company in the Country

The National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) awarded us one of the most certified companies in the country! In our member class we had the most certified staff, and we were tied for third most overall. President and Founder, Jim Martin, sat down for an interview about the importance of the certification process. You can read the full article by opening the PDF here!

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