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Thank you for your interest in James Martin Associates, Inc. (JMA). Since 1977, JMA has followed a sustaining focus that has allowed us to experience 37 years of growth and profitability. Daniel Burnham, Chicago’s great architect and planner was quoted as saying, “make no little plans”. We followed his advice when, in 2005, we redefined our sustaining focus by articulating our overall business goal as follows: “James Martin Associates will become the world’s most client engaging professional landscape development, landscape management and snow management organization.”

With all due respect to businesses that make widgets, we at JMA have always felt that we have a higher calling—to Enrich Lives Through Beautiful Landscapes. That’s not just our tagline; it is a mission that reaches our clients and our associates. Whether commercial or residential clients, whether through landscape development or ongoing maintenance, the landscapes we create and maintain result in enriched satisfaction for our clients. Equally as important, our associates have an enriched work experience by enhancing the environments of our clients, by creating beauty, by leaving the earth better than they found it, and by being stewards of the built environment. In short, it’s hard to find a more fulfilling professional career outside of JMA.

Over the course of JMA’s existence, our over-riding business focus has evolved from being a world-class landscape development company to being one of the industry’s most cost-effective providers of quality landscape development and landscape-and-snow management. During the past challenging decade, elimination of waste through lean management and continuous process improvements has enabled us to grow and gain market share for each of our business units. Since 2005, our Waste Elimination and Being Green Campaign has helped us to understand, track, and radically reduce our carbon footprint. For our corporate clients, our environmental focus has helped us to reduce the investment required to properly maintain their facilities. Overall, the initiative has helped reduce costs by more than $1.2 million dollars since it began.

These significant cost savings have allowed us to more fully support another one of our core values: being a community-leading corporate citizen. Over the last eight years, JMA has donated or helped to raise more than $260,000 for charitable causes. JMA is also proud to support industry organizations in the Midwest by providing scholarship funding.

Every successful business requires clients and employees to keep the business alive. To survive and thrive for 37 years requires what we call “Clients for Life”. When I review our list of corporate and residential clients, I am very proud that we’ve served and sustained our client relationships for five, ten, twenty, thirty years and more. If you are among these esteemed clients, please accept my gratitude for your years of support. And if you are considering becoming a new Client for Life, thank you for considering JMA. Our Associates will work very hard to make your experience and our relationship enjoyable and successful—on your terms.

Finally, I’d like to share a few thoughts about our Associates. If you visit Our Mission, you will see our claim that the only things more important than our customers are our Associates. We have a team of committed professionals who understand what World-class Client Engagement means. Their commitment to industry-leading creativity, continuous learning, safety, and certification bring in awards and recognition from state and national organizations. At a time when organizations are challenged to retain great contributors, our team of Associates has deeper continuity and tenure than most companies in any industry.

Thank you for allowing me a few moments to introduce James Martin Associates, Inc. and share a bit of the character of our organization.


James P. Martin

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