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Tuesday, 17 February 2015 10:02

Benefits of Hiring Landscape Architects for Home or Business

Written by  Nancy Forster
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2Before you begin another costly DIY home landscape design in Chicago or anywhere else, consider the benefits  of hiring a Landscape Architect and save thousands of dollars of missteps.

 I’ve replaced many patios  that were improperly installed by a homeowner.  The patios sometimes pitched  toward the house and the  water runoff went into the basement, or had an insufficient base causing the patio to  heave and crack.

Besides saving money, there are many other benefits of hiring a professional Landscape Architect.  Not only  will a Landscape Architect create a beautiful and functional design to meet your specific needs and preferences,  they also have the skills and knowledge to ensure a proper installation.

When you hire a Landscape Architect, you’re connecting to a vast network of professionals who are the best in  their fields.  Does the design include a pool, irrigation, patio, or lighting? Landscape Architects know the right  experts and best materials for any job.

A Landscape Architect has extensive knowledge of plants that are suitable for Chicago area home and commercial landscapes.  Each plant has its own individual needs to be taken into consideration. The growth of the plant and the desired growing conditions are important factors to consider when choosing the right plants. You can count on the assistance of a Landscape Architect for picking the right plant for the right place.

Building codes can change from year to year and vary depending on the property location.  A Landscape Architect is familiar with local requirements and can navigate through permit applications and processes.

Need another reason to hire a Landscape Architect?  A beautifully designed landscape can increase the value of your property!  A Clemson University study found landscaping can result in more than a 100% return on investment. The report concluded that “Homeowners wanting to increase the value of their property will do well to consider the cost‐ effective, return potential of quality landscaping, and to safeguard their investments by hiring licensed, professional landscape contractors to perform the work.”  According to the Appraisal Institute, good landscaping can not only increase a home’s value, but may also help sell a property much quicker.

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