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Friday, 02 June 2017 16:45

Summer Patch and Turf Disease

Written by  Nancy Forster
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As the weather in the Midwest begins its ascent into higher temperatures and humidity, there are two lawn diseases to be looking for:

1. Summer patch - As wet weather occurs and temperatures surpass 80 degrees, summer patch is a root disease.  It shows up as small patches (2-4") on bluegrass and fine fescue lawns, continues to grow in diameter (up to 10-12") and will take on a ringed appearance until turf death occurs.

2. Dollar spot - Usually developing just prior to summer patch, dollar spot begins when temperatures are between 70 and 80 degrees and humidity is high.  It begins as small spots on the lawn, about the size of a silver dollar, and may begin to blend together into patches.  Most noticeable on dewy mornings, the initial phase of dollar spot symptoms can look like small spider webs in the lawn.

Treatment - Proper irrigation along with improved drainage and air flow will increase disease resistance.  Irrigating deeply, infrequently, and in the morning will prove beneficial in the health of the turf.  Preventative chemical control is also an option.

If you notice anything that resembles these two diseases, please contact your account manager to help determine the best course of action for control.

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