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Wednesday, 08 April 2015 08:50

Dormant Pruning will Keep Plants Healthy!

Written by  Nancy Forster
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Dormant Pruning...Now is the Time!

pruneSpring is here and now is the time to prepare your landscape.  Often, we assume trees and shrubs require little or no care because they are dormant (leafless).  This is not the case.  Correct pruning can have a greater effect on the overall health of your plants for the seasons to come.

Dormant pruning is the removal of plant parts to improve health by removing dead, diseased or damaged materials.

There are three parts to dormant pruning.

  • Corrective pruning: reduces overgrown shrubs and redirects growth to achieve a desired shape and natural looking plant
  • Preventative pruning: removes dead, diseased or damaged material or problem branches
  • Rejuvenating pruning: cuts back heavy growth and thins crowded and older plants to encourage new growth

The advantages of dormant pruning are multifold.  Because the branching is more visible, we can reduce most shrubs up to 1/3 in size.  Often plants can be rejuvenated and will have an increased growth response in the spring due to fewer growth points.



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