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Thursday, 19 March 2015 09:21

Order Your Plants and Flowers Early

Written by  Nancy Forster
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Next time you see a home in the Chicago area with a beautiful assortment of plants and flowers, keep in mind that those plants and flowers were likely ordered the previous year.

That’s because annual growers choose the flower varieties and quantities they will grow based on what they think they can sell.  Those decisions are usually made the year before so the seed can be ordered and the plants can be started sometime in winter of the year they will be sold.

In other words, it takes about six months to bring a plant from seed to sale to installation in your Chicago area landscape.

So why order early?  When we order early we can ask for just about anything we want.  Remember that lovely flower you saw at the Botanic Garden last year and couldn’t find anywhere?  Order early and it can be grown just for you!

Are the annuals you see in the store just not the right size?  Order early and it can be grown to any size you like.  All those beautiful annuals that you see in home and garden magazines can also be grown especially for you if you plan ahead.

Another good reason to order early is to get first pick of the crops.  There’s more of a guarantee that you’ll get what you want.  Once a crop has been sold out, substitutions will be made.

So to get the flowers of your dreams … it’s always best to order early!  Contact your landscape company to help you make the best selections.

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