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At James Martin Associates we strive to Enrich Lives through Beautiful Landscapes.  We are also committed to enrich our environment through sustainable initiatives that protect the landscapes we create.

Recycling Landscape Waste
Since 2004, JMA estimates a reduction in 30,000 cubic yards of landscape waste being hauled to landfills, resulting in a decrease of fuel consumption and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 213,400 lbs.
Organic Mulch vs. Hardwood Bark
JMA uses local, organic mulch by recycling our landscape waste vs. non-local shredded hardwood bark mulch which we estimate is a reduction of 548,300 lbs of carbon dioxide emissions.
Biodiesel Use
Since 2003 JMA’s use of biodiesel has reduced 158,500 lbs of carbon dioxide.
Route Density
JMA has saved 4,600 gallons of fuel by keeping our services within a 20 mile radius, which results in reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 8,800 lbs per year.
Lean Operating Practices
Since 2005 JMA has reduced equipment use by 20% saving 11,000 gallons of fuel and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 213, 400 lbs.
Liquid Brine
By using brine vs. rock salt for 40% of de-icing for the 2009/2010 snow season, JMA estimates a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of 150,000 lbs.  Our brine mixture consists of beet juice and calcium chloride.
Other Sustainable Options
JMA offers organic fertilizer, drip irrigation, native plant offerings, plant placement, spot spray applications, rain barrels and cisterns.   We work with each client to design the most sustainable approach to meet their needs.
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