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You know what you want for your home's landscape - generally if not specifically - and it's our job to understand it, design it, and make it a reality. James Martin Associates has a proven process for doing so - here's a quick summary:

We'll set up an initial meeting time that's convenient for you. One of our Landscape Professionals will come to your home and:

  • Listen to your landscaping needs and preferences, including design styles, building materials and plants
  • Ask about any special concerns such as drainage issues or unwanted views
  • Walk your property to see any issues directly and get the lay of the land (literally!)

Having a copy of your Plat of Survey would be helpful but is not required.


Next, we'll show you examples from our portfolio of projects that achieved solutions of desired outcome similar to yours. We want to help you visualize exactly what the possibilities are for your home's landscape. At the conclusion of the meeting we will leave you with a design questionnaire so you can take your time thinking about your needs, styles and options.


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