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What jobs are available? How do I apply?

For job openings, follow these steps:

  • Begin your job search on the Apply page.
  • Review the specific job descriptions, and select “Apply Online” if interested in a position.
  • You will be prompted to complete the information and send your resume.
  • An email will be sent to the email address you used when registering. You will be contacted if your skills and experience are a good match for the opening to which you applied.
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What happens after I apply? How can I find out the status of my application?

Thanks for applying. We appreciate your interest. Your résumé is entered into our  database so that your credentials can be reviewed against open positions throughout the company. We will contact you directly if there is an appropriate position available. Due to the number of résumés we receive, we cannot provide you with a status update.

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What’s involved in an Interview?

The interview process involves several steps. You will complete and application with references, and likely be interviewed on the phone. The selection process will proceed to an interview in person at our offices, and ultimately an extensive final interview.

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What kind of physical exam should I expect from James Martin Associates?

All full time job applicants to whom an offer of employment has been accepted must pass a physical exam and drug test as a condition of employment. See our handbook for details.

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Is health insurance fully paid by the company?

The company provides an individual health insurance program that does require an employee contribution. Each annual policy renewal, the company reviews the total cost of the health program and establishes the level of company contribution towards the total cost of coverage. The company encourages participation in the Healthy Lifestyle program with incentives towards the insurance premium.

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When do benefits start?

JMA’s paid time off (PTO) benefit begins retroactively, after completion of the 90 probationary period. Most insurance benefits begin after 150 days of employment.

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What is company drug policy?

The company is committed to providing a safe, healthy, and productive work environment. To meet this objective, JMA has a drug-free workplace policy and program that provides  reasonable measures to ensure that an employee drug or alcohol problem does not jeopardize the successful operation of our business, our employees, or the general public.  Upon acceptance of a position, the details of the drug policy are shared with employees through the employee handbook.

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What does the company handle employee continuing education or
professional organization involvement?

Employees are encouraged to participate in industry related continuing education opportunities and  professional groups.  Participation requires involvement, attendance, and being an active student or  member of the organization.  Our reimbursement policy for an expenses is designed to reward your active involvement and successful completion.

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Does JMA have an internship program?

Yes. College students are encouraged to review the internship program by clicking here.

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What are possible career paths for a management trainee?

Management Trainees can take a number of different permanent positions after completing the training period.  Some become crew foremen,superintendents, account managers, designers or yard managers.

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How does JMA recognize employee performance?

The company recognizes and rewards Associates in many ways, but primarily recognizes employee performance through annual performance plans and goal setting. Long term employees are recognized upon service anniversaries.  The company supports the training of employees through the Landscape Industry Certified Technician and Landscape Industry Certified Manager programs.  Employees incentives are given for snow event management and accident free programs.

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