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Explore what makes us unique. Discover what makes us your best choice. Take action toward a job that leads you to a life-enriching career.

Our Culture, Our Style, Our DNA

Casually Intense High Performance Environment 

  • Our Associates share a passion for high performance, high accomplishment, and exceptional work ethics in a true team environment.
  • We know that great team work demands great communication. Our open-book management processes fosters an environment of proactively sharing important information. And it all starts when our Associates understand the importance of keeping their teammates “in the loop” by maintaining a “no surprises” work environment.  
  • Continuous learning and change are important elements of our company’s culture. Our most successful Associates are always finding ways to improve our systems, their work and themselves.

More than “just a job”…It’s A Shared Mission

  • The goal of James Martin Associates’ recruiting and selection efforts is to find strong, smart individuals who will comfortably fit into our culture and strongly embrace our vision and mission.
  • Our Associates create our annual plan and individually help to establish their rewards for accomplished goals. Our plans and progress are regularly tracked and shared. Associates celebrate our successes and diligently review our missteps to ensure future improvement.
  • While we have high expectations for our Associates, we know that they have lives that face the challenge of unexpected family needs. We are proud of our commitment and support of our Associates, their families, their schools, and their charitable interests.

Shared Quality of Work Life

  • Quality work experiences create relationships that go beyond our seasonally demanding work schedules. At James Martin Associates, while what we do is important, the manner in which we do it and with whom we do it are the critical, secret ingredients to fulfilling work.
  • To this end, we find that a quality sense of humor and the ability to laugh goes a long way in creating a healthy, dynamic, and fun work environment. To help promote an ideal work environment, James Martin Associates support and participate in local adult sports league teams, weekend golf outings, and enjoy after-hour get-togethers that help form deep bonds among our Associates.
Our Work Environment

Not Your Usual Corporate Setting

Our offices are located on six acres of beautifully landscaped display gardens and housed in a fully renovated, modernized 130-year-old farmhouse and adjacent 50-year-old residence. Our site landscape and garden sets the scene for regular company and charitable events and is enjoyed by our employees throughout the year.

Shared Team Work Environment with State-of-the-Art Technology

  • The historic setting of our offices is fully modernized to create ideal team workspaces. Our continuously upgraded server and workstation environment thoroughly support on our detailed information system.

Industry-Leading Yard Facility

  • Our highly productive crews are supported by our 100,000-square-foot material and plant-holding yard.
Our Expectations for Our New Associates

Thriving in an Environment of Continuous Learning 

  • Our focus on safety, training and certification has allowed James Martin Associates to be one of the most certified companies in the country. Every new Associate we hire is exposed to industry-leading safety practices, open-book management, and lean management systems and disciplines.

A Passion for the Landscape Industry

  • We look for individuals who have sought out numerous internships and serious work exposure within the industry, and we desire demonstrated leadership within previous school or work experience.

Desired Characteristics: Flexibility, Adaptability, Creativity, and Proactive Communication Abilities

  • Today’s business world requires constant flexibility. Opportunities present themselves unexpectedly, and industry-leading firms like James Martin Associates need to respond with creativity and adaptability.  Success in our team environment in today’s demanding business requires proactive, complete, and candid communication skills.
Why Choose James Martin Associates

37-Year History of Success

  • Our time-tested track record ensures financial stability as a result of revenue diversification, and our work environment promotes industry-leading staff tenure.

A Shared Rewards Company Culture

  • James Martin Associates offers annual industry-leading 401K distributions, annual profit-sharing tied to individual and company performance, and, for long-term Associates, the opportunity to earn company stock.

Top Industry Recognition

  • James Martin Associates has one of the most PLANET-certified staffs in Illinois, and in the country. We are consistently the most recognized Illinois firm in PLANET’s Environmental Awards Program and Annual Safety Program.

Mastery of the Business Side of Managing a Diversified Landscape Company

  • Industry-leading financial management and reporting is a hallmark of James Martin Associates. Our continuous improvement through our lean-management practices has allowed us to be increasingly competitive and profitable.

The Chicago Region

  • The Chicago region is the largest, most sophisticated and most significant landscape community in the country. With a 100-year history of appreciating great landscapes, Chicago is a world-class city with extraordinary cultural, sports, and recreational resources.
Finding and Hiring the Best

Relationships with Industry Schools

  • James Martin Associates works hard to maintain relationships at universities and colleges across the country by making guest presentations where we showcase our expertise. We also keep faculty aware of past students' successes and of opportunities for their current and future students.

PLANET and Illinois Student Career Competitive Events

  • James Martin Associates participates in the Recruiting Fairs at PLANET’s Annual Student Career Days and at the Illinois Landscape Industry Student Competition.

Scholarship Awards

  • Scholarships funded by James Martin Associates are awarded annually by PLANET and the ILCA. Alumni from the University of Illinois, Michigan State University, Brigham Young University, and Illinois State University have awarded scholarships back to current students who qualify for our programs.

Internships and Operations Associate Opportunities

  • Our internship program has been one of our most effective recruiting venues since inception. Individuals hired for these positions have come from landscape architecture, landscape management, horticulture or construction management curriculums.
  • Our Operations Associate Program is geared toward creating managers out of entry-level recruits. Currently, several of our long-term employees started in our Operations Associate Program and are now James Martin Associates stockholders.

Our Hiring Process

  • After receiving and reviewing your resume, we’ll call you to confirm that we are considering you for your desired position. Following this call, you’ll complete and submit an application and provide your professional references.
  • For distant candidates, we’ll conduct a phone interview. Local candidates meet at our office for an interview to confirm qualifications, experience, and education.
  • We’ll schedule a full-day interview, during which you’ll meet several of our Associates, complete example assignments, and review our benefits and policies. Out of this comprehensive interview, the goal is that both you and James Martin Associates will have complete confidence that you’d make a good fit here.
  • If the full-day interview is a success, we will make a formal employment offer, with details confirmed by a written offer and acceptance letter.
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